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My search for an OBGYN in Richmond! (with a HAPPY ending!)

Hello all!!

I am new to the group and new to Richmond. I have been reading for a few months and finally want to make my first post. I rarely post to message boards, but my experience has been so (in the end..) amazing that I just wanted to share.

We were transferred  to Midlothian last year from Texas. I have a toddler and am pregnant. I am one of those CRAZY ladies that just LOVED my OB doctor...almost harder to leave her than my family!! A big focus during the moving process was finding a new doc here in Richmond. I read these boards and talked to some women/wives from my husband's new workplace. I had a couple names and made an appointment.

Now, I have always seen a female OB. Not that I am weird about it, but just have felt more comfortable. So I saw the female that was highly recommended to me.

She was, well, not so great. Not very personable. Didn't really take the time to answer questions. Not a lot of eye contact. I think you ladies get the feeling....she just wasn't doing it for me. I felt like she just going through the motions.

After that visit, I was a little worried. I am heading into the 2nd trimester and really needed to get established. So.......just the next weekend I ran into a friend at our new church and was telling her about my experience. She got a big smile on her face and said " Sweetheart, do I have the Dr. for you!!". Amazingly, she had just switched from her OBGYN to a new doc ...Dr. Maxwell...and so entirely based on another friend's recommendation (see how word travels!). This was a male MD, and she too had always seen a female, but she promised me I would love him!

I went on the practice website, read about him......yes, I googled him!  And then finally made an appointment.

And this is the long winded point of my post: This doctor is AMAZING! I have never felt more comfortable than I feel w/ this male Dr. He is so sweet. He spent a long time getting to know me and my husband, answering all our questions. He is funny.....ok, and he is very nice looking! (my husband thought he was *cool* so he was OK with it!! Haha!) . And despite what I was worried about, he was more *gentle* in my exam than any female I have had in the past. I sorta feel bad now that I did not try a male before! After my exam, he came back into the room and he and I just chatted. Wow!

His name is Dr. Bryan Maxwell and he is in Virginia Physicians For Women. I saw him at an office by St. Francis Hospital (Bon Secours), but I know he also works at Johnston Willis. Like I said, I NEVER do this sort of posting, but when a woman finds someone this special, that is such an advocate for women, and that makes you feel so special, I just think it needs to be shared! Also, I think there are other women out there that might really like a male OBGYN, but maybe initially feel weird about it. That was ME! But I am so glad that I found Dr. Maxwell! And another friend just saw him for her Pap and said he was "the BEST"!


Re: My search for an OBGYN in Richmond! (with a HAPPY ending!)

  • I am also somewhat new to the area. We moved to the Midlothian area from Wisconsin a year ago. Shortly after we got here, I found out I was pregnant, did research and set up an appt. with a female doctor near the hotel we were originally staying at (closer to west end) when we got here. Unfortunately...I miscarried and never saw her, only a nurse practitioner. Not sure if it was losing the baby or the care, but I did not want to return to that practice. After we moved into our house, I tried to set up an appt.with another female at VPW, but for whatever reason, she was unavailable and they said Dr. Maxwell had an opening.So glad, because I also LOVE Dr. Maxwell and his nurse Tammy. They are both hillarious and made me feel very comfortable right away. He reisured me that it will happen soon...and it did. I am now only a few weeks away from having a little boy.

    My husband also thinks he is very funny (but knowledgable) and thinks he's great- no problem with me having a male doctor. I look forward to chatting with him at my weekly appointments...even though  part of that visit includes an internal :) My only suggestion is to write down questions to remember to ask. I swear I leave every week forgetting to ask at least one of my questions because are conversations always get sidetracked, usually to something not baby related. He might tease you about your grocery list a bit, but is more than willing to go over everything you want to know.

    I'm so glad to hear that someone else feels the same way I do! When I looked him up, I couldn't find a who lot, so I took a chance- so glad I did!


  • Thanks so much for the recomendation - i'm looking to change doctors cause  i'm driving CLEAR across town to see mine now, and that's not going to cut it with *hopefully* more frequent visits - i'm in powhatan, so someone at SFMC is great - i'd been shopping aroudn onlien, but finding a doctor online is about like buy shoes without trying them on... your pretty sure they won't fit, but you want to like them so you do it anyway...

     GL ladies!

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  • Im so glad i read this i have just moved here about three weeks ago from north carolina and just like you was in love with my ob. When I found out i was expecting i was all over the internet searching for an ob trying to read reviews and get a good idea on who's best and who's not but now i know...thanks
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  • hankrs1 - I'll be moving to NC soon and am in my 2nd Trimester, who was your doc in NC?
  • I called for an appt but they said Dr. Maxwell is in a new practice. He is at Chester Women's Health. The office is off Ironbridge Rd.  I have several friends that have gone to him and ADORE him, so I plan on getting my next annual with him. I live in the West End but it isn't too far to drive for a good doctor!!


  • He is the absolute best. We are trying to get pregnant and will go to Dr. M when we do.


  • I saw Dr. Maxwell at his old practice and have followed him to his new office in Chester. I wish I had found him years ago. He is a great doctor.

  • I had an awful gyno prior to my pregnancy. I stuck with her, because I was having some issues with abnormal paps. I didn't want to switch until that was all cleared up. Shortly after getting a couple of normal paps, I got pregnant. I wasn't too thrilled about having to deal with my previous dr during my pregnancy. Luckily, she doesn't handle OB cases. I discovered Virginia Physicians for Women, and I couldn't be happier. I see Dr Johnston, andi absolutely love her. What I love most is that there is always a nurse answering questions during business hours. They have been so great at dealing with my sometimes crazy first time mom fears. They never have made me feel stupid for calling in with questions. I had to be seen by another dr recently due to my dr not being available (delivering a baby at my appointment time) and he was fantastic as well. Very caring and didn't rush me.
  • Dr. Maxwell is now in Chester. I called his old practice and they told me where to find him. He is still with Chippenham/Johnston Willis. He is so wonderful! This will be my second pregnancy with him.



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