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3 day pt and NOT doing night training?

anyone have sucess with 3 day potty training without doing nighttime training at first?  I completely understand what she is saying about consistency, but DD has always had a very difficult time sleeping and we are just finally getting used to full nights of sleep again.  I can't imagine taking a chance on backtracking on sleep, but I don't want to try the 3 day method without nighttime if there's no way its going to work.  Anyway, just looking for anyone who has only done it during the day...


Re: 3 day pt and NOT doing night training?

  • we followed a lot of the stuff in the 3 day plan, but not everything to a t.  we have been using pull-ups at nap time (we call them nap pants) and diapers at night.  he has been steadily improving during the day (even some days with no accidents) and has actually had a few dry nights on his own.  i feel like it's been fine, but that's just our experience, i know it's totally against the 3 day plan.
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  • Yes--we followed the 3 day boot camp to a T (except are putting her in Pull-ups at night), and have been very successful. By day 3, she was day trained. She had two accidents at DC last week (we started the Saturday before), but otherwise, she has had none since last Sunday.

    We started at night with underwear on, and one night, she stayed dry, so that gave me hope. But the others, she peed, and didn't even wake up. I woke up and checked on her, and realized she was wet. So I'd have to wake her up to change her clothes and sheets. I just don't think she's physically able to hold it all night--or even realize she's doing it. So, Pull-ups it is. It hasn't seemed to affect her daytime success one bit.

    I do hope to switch back to undies overnight as soon as she seems to be keeping her Pull-up dry consistently (she did last night, so we'll see). 

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  • Day and night training are not related at all.  Many, many kids do not night train for a year or more after they are day trained.  Hack, my 7 year old niece is such a hard sleeper that she still has accidents at night from time to time and she has been totally day trained since she was 3. 
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