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Tall flight of stairs...

Our house doesn't have a bathroom on the main level, only in the basement and the second level.  Both flights of stairs are 15 steep steps.  I'm worried that even after she's trained, it's going to be difficult to get upstairs in time after she says that she needs to go.  Anyone have experience with this?  Should I have a potty chair for the main floor as a precaution, or do I wait and see and chance an accident?  TIA. 

Re: Tall flight of stairs...

  • I would have a potty chair. Ditto pp- they are not as gross as they sound. I know for a fact that the reason my 22 month old was PT'd in less than 24 hours was bc she was never far from her potty. And switching to the big potty was not that big of a deal.

    Now I keep the potty chair in the trunk of my car. It has been a life saver!!!!


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