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Just wanted to say "Hey and help" from Hays

Smile I lurk the pages and never say anything, just love to read the stories of other lucky ladies. I just found out that TH and I are expecting our 2nd little baby boy.

Just had to vent a little bit and hope I'm not just some freak of nature and other people can maybe relate?

I had just found out that a very good friend of ours was expecting twins  (something I always wanted, crazy I know) and I was totally excited for them. I know they had been trying for awhile since they're little girl they had a little over a year ago. I had my ultrasound the next day and it just felt lacking, for a lack of a better word. I'm so very very excited to have another baby.

I got home from the sano and just cried. I was so very sure that I was having a little girl it just broke my heart that I was wrong. I tried explaining that to the hubby, but I wasn't mad that I was having a boy. I love boys! My little boy right now is the joy and love of my life, I just felt let down my instincs being wrong.

I know a lot of this is hormons running rampet but I really hope someone else can at least midly relate so I dont feel so very crazy.

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Re: Just wanted to say "Hey and help" from Hays

  • I am due in 2 weeks and my husband and I didn't find out the sex of our baby but I know there were a couple of moms on my January board that were a little disappointed to find out that what they expected to be having wasn't the case at all...I'm sure alot of it is hormones and you will have some time to come around to being excited about a new life...good luck.
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  • I think it's okay to feel a little disappointed when you were so hoping for and expecting a girl.  You just need some time to adjust to the reality of having another little boy.

    DH and I are waiting to find out what we're having.  I think it's girls, just a strong feeling I'm having, but I was kind of hoping for boys, so I can *somewhat* relate.  Though we're far enough along now that I'm just ready to meet two healthy babies-regardless of whether it's team pink, blue or purple. 

    Give it a little time, you'll find your excitement over another beautiful boy :)

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