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Has anybody done the prenatal massage at Allure?

I've had two at Anchorage Women's Clinic, but received a gift certificate to Allure for Xmas and am going to go check it out Tuesday. Super excited... because my back and hips are killing me! Was wondering if they have a special pregnancy pillow/bed or if it's a lay on your side deal? Anyone know?


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Re: Pregnancy Massage

  • I get my massages at Chez Ritz and they have a special bed for pregnant women.  Pregnant massage beds have like a hole cut out for your belly.  Just make sure when you book that you tell them that you are pregnant (which is a duh if you are booking the prenatal massage)!  Most of the places are pretty awesome up here because there are a LOT of pregnant women in Alaska!  Let me know how it goes...i LOVE massages!
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  • I'm hoping they have the awesome table. It will be worth the cost just to be able to lay on my tummy for a little bit!!

    I can't wait to have this little man and move past being a pregnant lady into a momma!

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  • You and me both!  Being pregnant has been fun because it is something new to me but now that I am in the home stretch I am DONE being pregnant and I just want the baby.  I also want to be able to reach my feet.  That would be awesome.
  • Good news/bad news about the massge...

     Bad news: No special pillow or bed. Just the good old side laying massage. Same as they have at my doctors. :(

    Good news: It was AMAZING! She did a full body massage... the leg part wasn't that great, but my legs haven't been bothering me. My favorite part was she massaged my head/scalp. It was incredible!

    She did tell me before she started that the point of the prenatal massages at Allure was to increase blood/oxygen flow to the baby, not so much for me. I don't know if I would do it again there... but it was relaxing. And free with a gift card from my preschool parents!

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