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Know a good midwife?

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Hey, I'm not finding many midwives in the Columbus area. Does anyone have an recommendations on midwives? I am doing a natural homebirth.

Re: Know a good midwife?

  • Well, if you change your mind about the homebirth, I HIGHLY recommend women's contemporary health care in westerville. Becky and Emily are fantastic. Emily delivered my baby naturally and it was the best experience ever.

    However, they do not do homebirths. :/ They deliver at mount carmel st anns, but it was really not bad.

    good luck to you though!

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  • Thank you so much. I am set on a homebirth.
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  • Let me know if you do end up finding anyone. I'd really like the next one to be a homebirth. I just got tired of looking.
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  • imagecwhitmore:
    Thank you so much. I am set on a homebirth.

    Please, whatever you do, DO NOT go to Choice. I have plenty of true horror stories about how they've put the lives of mother's and babies in serious danger. They're very anti medicine (not just with natural birth, with anything.)

  • Just curious, what were the horror stories? How did they put the lives of the mothers and babies in serious danger?
  • I also recommend Women's Contemporary Health Care if you change your mind about the home birth. In any case though, I hope you find someone who is willing to do a home birth that also suits your needs! Good luck to you! :)
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  • Thanks! I am set on a homebirth. Good luck to you all. If any of you need a chiropractor, my husband and I are opening our office in Westerville :) Kent Family Chirorpactic
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    Just curious, what were the horror stories? How did they put the lives of the mothers and babies in serious danger?

    A friend in my Mommy group used Choice, and if I had known her when I was choosing Choice, I would have quickly backed out.

    They have test strips that test your glucose and protein levels in your urine. They continued to tell her that hers were normal, but she was getting sicker and sicker. They told her to continue to rest. Finally, she went to the ER and as it turns out, the protein in her urine was dangerously high. She had to have an emergency C-section, the baby was in the NICU for a week due to complications and she just about died herself.

    I'd share my own story, but I know that Choice go'ers have their back through thick and thin. It's a downward spiral, anyway.

    Pregnnacy and child birth isn't a life dangering condition. But the fact of the matter is, Choice can't meet doctors in the middle. They brain wash their clients so that when I read the Columbus board, I can see that they say the same exact thing that the midwives tell you, too. Even when I had to be rushed to the hospital for my complications, they refused to leave, and continued to tell me that the doctors were going to try to "sneak" all these medications into my system and ultimately to my baby. They told me that doctors don't care aobut the comfort of the mother, that they'll do a C-section if your baby doesn't come before their scheduled dinner--- All of that didn't happen. My water broke, and the midwives told me that if I didn't give birth within 24 hours that they would take the baby by c-section, even if we were both healthy. I was terrified, in tears, shaking and my anxiety was through the roof at that point.

    The doctors never once mentioned a C-section, didn't give me any medication other than a VERY VERY VERY low dose of Pitocin and antibiotics because my water had been broken a lot longer than the midwives told them that it was. I gave birth 37 hours later. And again, they never once mentioned a C-section because my water had been broken. They were caring, kind, and even though it wasn't the home birth that I imagined, it was a great experience.

    It makes me think to think about Choice now.

  • Thank you for sharing.
  • Hey, I was originally looking into home birth as well and found the Athens Birth Circle website had a list of midwives who do home birth. I'm not sure if any of them are located near Columbus, but if not, they would probably know someone who is. you should check there! 

    My husband and I decided a hospital birth with a midwife was best for us, so we chose Emily and Becky at Women's Contemporary. 

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    I Bump from my phone 90% of the time, with a baby in my lap, so please excuse my bad format and poor spelling and/or punctuation.
  • I know a terrifice midwife that i used to homebirth my second baby after a horrible first delivery in a hospital. I am currently pregnant with twins and although I am choosing a hospital birth this time around, using Dr Muffley at Womens Contemporary Healthcare in Westerville, she will be attending my birth as a support person to help insure i do not have an unnecessary surgical birth.

    email me and i can give you her info

    [email protected]

  • Thank you very much!
  • I have never had a home birth, but my friends wife is a doula. She has had 3 successful homebirths, so of course I will recommend her !

    Contact her here: 

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