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Hate feeling pale

I know feeling pale is a small price to pay for having a healthy baby. I was a pretty avid spray tanner, but I gave up spray tanning due to the dr's recommendation. I haven't really ever been with out some sort of self tanner. Do you girls think it is okay to use the self tannnig lotion after trimester 1 passes? What do you do to get past the paleness...

 Becky from Wichita.

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Re: Hate feeling pale

  • I am only going on 7 weeks, so I have yet to visit the doctor (I go on the 21st).  I am a tanaholic, and I hate even feeling the smallest bit pale.  Anyways, I have started using "tan in a can" from the store.  Haha.  I have never heard that you couldn't use it, so I dunno.  Either way it has been working for me, and I will wish you luck!
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  • Yeah he told me no to even lotions.. :(
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  • I haven't been yet either. I am only going on 8.
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  • My doctor told me self tanners were fine in the 2nd trimester. I was in a wedding in July and wanted at least some color! I used the Jergen's Natural Glow lotion and it worked pretty well.

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