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new here...located in south of QC area

hello...amy looking to talk to anyone with post pardum depression....or i think i may have it.


or just mom s in general. ....i have a lil boy who is almost 3monthes...


i need to stay sane...and boyfriend needs a decent job....any of that way? 


alll responses welcomed! mabye i can help on eof you somehow....



Re: new here...located in south of QC area

  • Welcome!  This board is pretty slow, but I think there are a few of us who check in regularly.

    I have a little girl that is just a few weeks younger than your son- 10weeks yesterday.  After the first couple weeks of being home it really was depressing to be home by ourselves all day and then a lot in the evening too.  For me, it helped a lot to get out of the house.  Go have lunch with friends, go to the store, hang out over at friends houses in the evenings.  Most of the time I take DD with me, but there are days that as soon as DH gets home, I go to the store by myself or to work out.  Try to do stuff you normally did before the baby came.  I know I didn't have ppd, but I bet getting out and interacting with your friends and family would help.  A good friend of mine did experience ppd and it helped her a lot to get back to "regular" life, where she started back into her hobbies away from the house and back to work.

    Good luck!


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  • If you truly think you may suffer from PPD, you should contact your doctor.  They can recommend someone to talk to.  PPD is much more serious than "baby blues" and you really should seek the help of a professional.

    Good luck to you.

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