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Basal temp up and down?

My temp keeps going up and down, 97.8, 97.3, 97.7, 97.9, 97.3 - and these are days 7 - 11.... how will I know when it goes up for ovulation?  anyone else had these types of results?

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Re: Basal temp up and down?

  • Some flucuation is normal.

    For ovulation, you will have lower pre-ovulation temperatures and higher post-ovulation temperatures. Your temperature may rise slowly in increments, or quickly, or it may even rise and fall slightly over several days. The rise in temperature is usually about 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 0.2 degrees Celsius and it will be sustained.

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  • Im not doing one online, just on paper... Im pretty new here..  =)
  • I'd suggest reading Take Charge of Your Fertility or signing up for a free Fertility Friend account. (see my ticker to access it.) Also in my ticker is my chart - which shows my mild fluctuations prior to ovulation. I've also had way greater delta's in the pre-ovulation temps before. It's totally normal.


  • That's really not too much of a fluctuation. Looks pretty normal to me. My cycles tend to be long (I ovulate after CD17) and my temps are all over the place until CD12. You want to see a shift between two sets of temps: pre-O and post-O. I also find a lot of helpful info by monitoring CM and CP. It may be helpful to you as well.
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