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New to the bump- Lawrence, KS

Hi everyone! 

I'm a new mommy-to-be and my cousin told me about the bump and how great it is. I am in my second trimester and starting to feel better without all the sickness and fatigue. I have so many questions and things to think about over the coming months and I hope this website will help with all the concerns we have! My husband and I live halfway across the country from our family and so it's weird going through this away from everyone.

We are in week 15 and can't wait to find out the sex next month!!

Does anyone know about painting while pregnant? We just got a house and we are currently fixing it up. I'm going to ask my doctor about it today at my appointment but I was wondering what others know about it. I'm not very paranoid about stuff especially because I think people forget that people have been having babies forever.. without all the DO's and DONT's but I still want to be safe.

Any other first time moms in the area? 

Re: New to the bump- Lawrence, KS

  • I'm not a first time mom, but I'm here in Lawrence, too. :)


    Congratulations on your pregnancy!


    I painted while pregnant with both kids, just make sure the area you're in is well ventilated.  Otherwise, I'd leave it up to your hubby.

  • There is a special paint. I found it in Home Depot. I used it because it has significantly less fumes and is supposed to be okay...that and a well ventilated room, too. I cannot remember what it is called, but it did a great job on my house.
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  • Thanks- I talked to my doctor and she said that paints these days (water-based paints) don't contain the same harmful toxins as they used to. She said it was safe and to just listen to my body when I need breaks for air or back relief. Thanks for your posts, I haven't figured this website out quite yet so I just saw your replies. Hopefully I can check it more often! 


  • Thank you! 

    Do you know of any birthing classes around the area that are affordable/worth the time?  

  • I'm in Wichita, but I wanted to say congratulations and welcome to the board!
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  • Since your family is across the country like mine, we did a 4d ultrasound that gave us an email link to send to them and they could watch it over the internet, they even have a way to do it live as well. My parents were really excited to see that my son was going to have grandpas nose! The lady who did my ultrasound said that many families are taking advantage of it, specially military families over seas. No one else offered it. Here's their site


     and I just have my husband paint, it makes him feel useful. lol

  • I live in Tongie!  I just found out I am PG after IVF treatment.  Congrats to you!
  • hi i am a new mom to be and im 17 weeks preg.. i could use some ppl to get together with and do the baby chat stuff with.. my fam is also far away they live in oregon all i have here is my fiance's family but they in topeka.. i am in lawrence so maybe we can start chatting some
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