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Scripps La Jolla or Encinitas?

Hi girls,


I moved to San Diego and need to find a new OBGYN.  I am not currently pregnant, but plan to be sometime this year, so I want to make sure I pick an OB that is affliated with the hospital in which we want to deliver at.

 Scripps Encinitas is closer to my house (live in Carlsbad area) but I have heard they do not have private rooms.  Is this still true?  

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  There is so much info that I am a bit overwhelmed!   

Re: Scripps La Jolla or Encinitas?

  • I'm delivering at Scripps La Jolla because I heard the same thing.  I do know someone who delivered at Encinitas and she did get a private room but that was only because they weren't at full capacity and didn't need to split the room up.  So, I guess if there aren't too many people at Encinitas having their babies you can get your own room, but if it's at full capacity you have to share.  Also, I did a tour of La Jolla's maternity ward and it's very nice and pretty much brand new.  I guess they redid the entire wing recently, but I'm sure Encinitas will be nice too because they are in the process of remodeling the whole hospital.  *Good luck* 
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  • I delivered at La Jolla and it was great. I highly recommend the hospital. I had great nurses and really felt like they took good care of us.  
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  • I, too, delivered at Scripps La Jolla and had a great experience. I really appreciated having a private room for post partum recovery.
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  • I live near you and my ob delivers at Encinitas, which is where I had DS.  For #2 (not TTC yet) I will be selecting a new ob just to deliver at La Jolla.  I really like my ob and I really liked my care at Encinitas, but I checked out after only 1 night (I lucked out and spent the night in my labor room).  I'd select an ob that delivers at La Jolla.  I'm going to go back to IGO Medical Group. 
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  • I delivered my son in Sept. 2009 at Scripps Encinitas.  The nurses are so nice, very caring and they are there when you need them!  I did have to share a room but it really wasn't that bad. So in that sense, I highly recommend Encinitas.  But, if you have a choice of a private room and it's a nice place, go for La Jolla :) 
  • I delivered at Scripps La Jolla in June and had a great natural birth experience. However, a nurse informed me that ours was only one of 3 natural/drug free births over the past 60 days there. This hospital is known for a fairly high intervention rate (c-sections and epidurals), so it depends on what you birht plan is and how comfortable you feel with that. 

    Encinitas was going through some difficult staff changes over the summer, so I switched to La Jolla. I don't know if that is all sorted out, but there was picketing etc. Also, they still do not guarantee a private room. I have had friends who have delivered at both locations and had great experiences. As far as I know, they are both well-equipped safe hospitals, so it is a matter of preference and birth plan. Good Luck! 

  • Thanks girls for all your help.  I really appreciate it!
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