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Anyone switch from Similac Advance to Sensitive?

Did you notice a change right away??

DD isn't super fussy, but she is very gassy and constipated. She'll poop maybe once a day and when she does she turns beat red and often cries during it (and I'm crying right along). So...I've decided that I'd like to try the sample can of the Sensitive that we received. Did your pedi tell you to switch or did you just switch on your own? We don't go to the dr until next Friday and I don't want to wait that long if I don't have to, but I feel stupid calling to ask them this since I feel like lately all I do is call them. Would you call or just switch?

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Re: Anyone switch from Similac Advance to Sensitive?

  • When we told the Pedi that Similac Advance wasn't working, they just gave us 2 samples of other formula to try -- Enfamil Newborn, and a Soy based formula.

    When the Enfamil didn't work, we switch to Similac Sensitive on our own.  That didn't work for us... LO was hungry all the time (he ate 2 small cans in a week,) and slept less.  His gas & discomfort decreased, but it really sucks to have a hungry baby waking up every 2 hours (when he'd been sleeping longer prior to the switch)

    We've just started Nestle Good Start Gentle Plus.

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  • I am very hesitant to switch to the Sensitive because the first two ingredients listed are corn syrup and sugar.
  • image mhardest:
    I am very hesitant to switch to the Sensitive because the first two ingredients listed are corn syrup and sugar.

    This. Definitely be aware of that.

    DS is a milk protein allergy baby, but before we knew that we thought he had tummy issues so I did a lot of reading up and Enfamil Gentlease and Good Start Gentle get the best reviews... Also, we were told it's ok to switch without consulting the pedi if you're switching milk to milk or soy to soy but call before switching milk to soy or soy to milk. HTH

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  • I am EPing, but during the first week while I was waiting for my milk to come in we had to do some FFing.  We had DD on the Similac Advance & she cried non-stop.  My mom recommended that we switch to the Sensitive and the next day she was a completely different baby.  We thought it could be the formula since both DH & I are lactose intolerant.

    Since then I've had to supplement  with formula & have used the Sensitive and have not seen any fussiness with DD.  Good luck!!

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  • I brought it up at DS's 1 week appt that he was really gassy and just seemed like he wasn't very comfortable with the Similac Advance. I said we had a can of the Sensitive, and she said to go ahead and switch, but to make sure we didn't go back and forth between the different types...once we made the switch to stick to it. DS was on it for a few days when he seemed to get worse, so I called them back and brought him in for a quick check up. Turns out he has a milk protein allergy, so we are now on Alimentum.

    I would definitely call. I'm so glad I saved DS a lot of unnecessary discomfort. 

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