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How far along when you bought crib?

We already picked out our nursery furniture but wanted to wait until we're past 13 weeks to make sure everythings ok. We just found out its all going on sale when I am 11 weeks. I would hate to miss the oppurtunity but dont want to jinx myslef. When did y'all start buying furniture? TIA

Re: How far along when you bought crib?

  • I checked furniture out online and in the store around the time I was 16 weeks or so.  But we just ordered our nursery furniture this past weekend.  It should be here in time for baby!
  • You are not going to jinx yourself. If it is a good deal you shouldn't pass it up. GL!
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  • We ordered our crib at 13 weeks.  We were also a little nervous to make any purchases before 12 weeks due to superstition.  We thought it would be best to spread out the expensive purchases over the months preceding the birth so as to not get our finances in a bind by attempting to buy it all at once.
    Like I said we held out due to superstition, not science.  So, I say go for it.
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  • Honestly, after losing our first at 9 weeks, we aren't buying anything until after our NT scan.  Just a personal issue.  You can't jinx yourself, but there's nothing worse than a house full of baby stuff when you're dealing with a loss.  JHMO.
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  • we registered for ours when I was about 5 months, and my in-laws bought it for us at Christmas. I delivered 3 weeks later!
  • We waited until this past week, I was 26 weeks.  We looked at 12 weeks and there was a great sale.  We knew that it was early and chances are there would be another sale, there was and we bought during the Memorial Day sale.  We knew, although a preemie, she was viable outside of my womb past 25 weeks, so she would be using the furniture we bought.
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  • I was right around 16 when we ordered the crib and changing table.  We received both last week and dh was so excited that he put the crib together.  The changing table had a broken piece so we are waiting for the new to arrive.
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