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Jeans for tall people

I'm 5'9" and am 17 weeks pg.  I have 1 pair of jeans I can still wear with the button buttoned - but just barely.  But I can't seem to find jeans that are long enough.  I bought a pair of small talls from Old Navy online, but they are HUGE everywhere but the belly.  THey look ridiculous saggy in the butt and thighs.  I tried on a pair of size 2 tall at Gap, and they fit PERFECTLY, but...too short!!  Ugh!  It's so frustrating.  THe last thing I want to do is go buy a pair of designer jeans just b/c they are my only option.  at nearly $200 a pair, it's just crazy!!  Anyone know a place that actually makes tall maternity jeans for people who are naturally thin?  I'm so frustrated!!

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  • I'm 5'10" and pretty leggy. I'm suprised that Gap longs didn't work. They have a 34" inseam so you must have really long legs. I saw these two sites that have longer inseams (36" to 37") though I can't say anything about their fit because I haven't tried them. I have heard good things from others though. Hope that's of some help.
    try this, I'm not tall but I have a friend that's 6 ft and loves this store-and they have maternity section
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  • guess I didn't read pp!
  • Must suck to be you! hahaha!! I have just the opposite problem. I'm short & a little on the overloaded side when it comes to my butt & hips.
  • I think JCPenney has maternity talls. I had to order mine online since I am 5'2'' and they don't carry maternity petite in the store.
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