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too big for "normal" clothes but not big enough

What do you wear if you are not big enough for maternity but have put on a few pounds and don't fit into your "normal" clothes anymore ?  I will have to deal with this in about 3 weeks so I need to prepare.

Re: too big for "normal" clothes but not big enough

  • So far I have noticed 3 popular options: 1. Buy some clothes in a larger size. The theory is that you can also wear them after the baby is born before you loose all the weight. 2. Buy a bella band (or a knockoff variety) which will allow you to wear your pants longer. 3. Buy a bella band (or a knockoff variety) and use it with maternity pants to keep them from falling down. Hope that helps.
  • All of the PP's above! 

    For me the best was buying tops in larger sizes and wearing the Bella Band over my unbuttoned pre-PG pants.  I only bought two pairs of maternity pants this whole nine months and even today wore non-maternity pants.  The larger tops are great because they're generally more fitted than maternity tops (and cheaper) so look less matronly.  Check out my bio to see lots of clothing options. 
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  • I bought clothes in a larger size, I tried the bella band and HATED it, it didn't work right and was uncomfortable.  Old Navy also has some jeans that have a hidden string inside the waist so you can losen them up, they look just like normal jeans, they dont have the elastic waistband, those worked pretty well.  I definatly wore maternity pants well before I was wearing maternity shirts.
  • I don't have any advice but I must vent that I don't even feel like leaving the house right now.  I would rather lounge around in sweats and sweaters.  I'm wearing maternity pants but the shirts are huge and my regular shirts don't cover the maternity patch of the pants.  I have been hiding the maternity shirts inside cardigans but it looks awful.  UGH, can't wait for this stage to be over!
  • I bought a pair of maternity jeans with the elastic top and a maternity cami. I wore some shirts over the cami and bought some larger size shirts as well. Also continued wearing some stretch pants with long shirts. Empire waist shirts are really good too.
  • I am sooo in this boat right now.  Gained weight pre pg and it's only getting worse now.  Bella band---not going to help get my ass in my jeans!  I'm thinking of buying some not so maternity looking maternity clothes.  I figure I'll need them anyways.
  • I am almost 13 weeks and wearing some regular pants that are a little larger and more forgiving in the belly and have 1 pair of maternity pants-- but not the kind with the big belly!  They just have a couple inches of elastic at the top.  It's so much more comfortable than my pre-pg jeans that felt like they were strangling the baby! lol.  The pants with the elastic @ the top seem to fit just fine even though my belly is not that big yet.


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