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I've heard a lot here about natural delivery.  Anyone have a c-section story to share?  I'm a little concerned I may need to have one (I won't get into the particulars as to why) and I just want to be prepared and know what to expect.

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  • i had an unexpected one, and it wasn't as bad as i thought. you go into a surgery room all drugged up. they drug you more when you get there, the doctor cuts you and you don't feel it. then you feel lots of pressure and out comes the baby. the put the baby under the heat lamp. clean him/her off, and in our case they called dad over to cut the umbilical cord more. then they brought the baby over to me. i gave him my first kiss to him, we had our first family photo taken. they took him and my husband back to the delivery room i was supposed to deliver in to weigh him, check his height and give him a full bath. they put me back together (by saying that you don't want to know what i really mean), the hospital i was in took me to icu so the drugs would wear off. after three hours i went to my recovery room to be with my baby. they brought him, my hubby, my mom, and another family member to me. because of the drugs i wasn't allowed to be alone with him for a full 24 hours. once we got home i was scared to death to clean the incision (not sure of spelling). i was uncomfortable with working out almost 2 months after having my baby. now the scar is barely visible.
    Me:  31  DH:  35
    Married:  7/3/2006
    DS:  3/3/2007  (emergency c-section) 
    MMC:  10/5/2010  D&C:  10/8/2010
    DD:  9/22/2011  (scheduled c-section)
  • Thank you for sharing! 
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  • HI, I had an unexpectant one

    I was in labor for about 18 hours and pushed for 3 but he was sunny side up and way too big for my body frame
    They took me from my labor room into the OR and did something to my spinal, not sure if they re-did it
    I laid down, they put an oxygen mask on and a heart monitor on my finger. They put the sheet up so I couldn't see anything, my husband held my hand thru it all. It was quick maybe 20 minutes start to finish. I went to recovery, they push on your stomach to get air or whatever out and make sure you are stabilized then wheel you up to your room. I did not get up until I think the next day(you have a catheda(sp??) in) It is a bit sore but I made sure I walked around the maternity floor everyday, laying around doesn't help at all. Just take your med's to control any pain you may feel and you will do just fine 

  • I have heard similar stories as well. Most of my girlfriends underwent c section. It was painful  mind you, but they did not regret it, even with a scar!
  • I had one its in my bio...It was planned then she came early.
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