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Two quick & easy births...

Until recently I've been a lurker, but posted on a board the other day & decided to share my two very easy (but very different!) birth stories for anyone interested.

DD#1- My whole 'birth plan' was simple- I wanted an epidural!  My water broke late on a Friday night (37 1/2 wks) so we headed to the hospital.  After monitoring me for a few hours we could see I was having contractions but wasn't feeling them.  The plan was to give me pitocin at 7am if no contrx by then, so 7am comes & they start my pit .  They've not done any internal checks because due to my water breaking, they don't want to introduce infection (I still agree with that, btw, even after all was over).  The first 45 min or so of contrx were painless to very manageable. Then it all kicked in- I remember looking at the clock at 8am- one hour into labor- and thinking, my God, this is he!! but they are never going to give me an epi this early so I didn't ask.  I only lasted another 15-20 min before I said something & the RN said she had already paged the anesthesiologist because she knew I wanted meds & that process takes a bit.  About 10 min later I felt pressure so she checked me- I was dilated to TEN.  I then uttered my only swear word of labor as I knew I was never getting that epi, and buckled down.  They had paged the doc but the baby was coming so fast they were having me blow through as many contrx as I could & I held her off for a bit that way.  The RNs ended up grabbing some midwife off the floor (wasn't even part of my doc's practice!) who delivered DD after about 3 good pushes at 8:45am.  So I went from no contrx to baby out in 1hr 45 min.  Crazy! 

DD#2- Plan again was very simple, get an epidural!  Even without meds, my first birth was very easy compared to many, I think.  However, I wanted to be more 'present' in the experience since the first one was so fast & overwhelming & felt I could get that by having an epi.  My water started leaking late at night (I could tell I was losing my MP throughout the day) at 36w6d- I had been dilated to 2.5cm at my last drs visit the week before.  When I got to the hospital I relayed my last birth experience & the RN was just like, oh, okay- we'll hook you up with the epi.  I LOVED her.  So by 3am before having any painful contrx, I got my epi & was about 3cm.  I tried to doze for a bit & when I was checked at 5am I was about 4cm.  I started feeling more & more pressure so they were checking me like every 15 min.  By 6am I was 8cm so they paged the doc.  Then we just waited until she got there & I think I pushed only 3x again before my 2nd beautiful DD was here!  That labor was about 7 hrs total- longer but great since I got the meds I had wanted. I was very blessed & lucky with both of my births- not only were they easy but I got two healthy DDs, which of course is the most important of all. God Bless us all for giving birth- no matter how it happens!  The. End.

Re: Two quick & easy births...

  • I had a very fast birth with my dd.  My contractions started at 2 PM.  I got to the hospital aound 5 PM and had my dd at 6:52!  I had the same birth plan as you, but that didn't work out.  I didn't have time for an epi.  I was 8 cm when I arrived at the hospital.... I wonder what my 2nd will be like??? 

    Congras on yout two beautiful dds!
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