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Ok Im brand new to thenest... I love it btw :) I had a question and figured this would be the best group of mommies to ask! ...we had our first son Oct 26th of 2006 and we're due with #2 in July...our first was born via c-section and we're going to try a VBAC this time around...(lord willing!) have any of you heard of or tried one?? what was your success and why did you have to have a Csection in the first place!! Thank you sooo much :)
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Re: VBAC....Question

  • Hi there!  I attempted a VBAC about a month ago and it didn't happen, close, but no cigar. 

    I had my 1st c-section after a failed induction (due to pre-e) and fetal distress.

    This time around, I went into labor naturally, was fully dilated and pushed for 45+ min, but then baby's cord was wrapped around his neck and he was in distress, so I ended up w/another emergency c.  Check out my full length birth story:

  • thank you so much..I will read it right now!!...PS if its a boy...we're going to do Hudson too!!...great name!!
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