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my birth story! :)

i was a week overdue, and ready to get induced on monday december 31st 2007, well the night before on a sunday i went to bed feeling pretty tired already after doing everything for the 100 time (u know nesting is uncontrolable once u are overdue!) well i wet to bed and i woke up at 1:30 in the morning with some back pain that came and went, i went to the bathroom and sure enough my water broke, so i took a shower, dh did too, and then we went to the hospital, me my dh and my mom. we got there, they did a little test and sure enough it was my water, and i had some contractions come and go, but to far apart, in the morning the doctor came in to check on me, hooked me up to some drugs to speed things up, and then it started! the pain... oh the pain! i thought it wasnt going to be that bad! i was wrong!!!! oh so wrong!! i manage to stand the pain for 5 or so hours, and then i cried and asked for an epidural ( very terrified of getting one, but my pain was so bad i gave in!).. i progressed pretty good i think by 2 pm i was already 6cm and at 4 i was ready to push! well i pushed and pushed, i guess i was doing it wrong! well it took me a little but to figure things out and to get it right! after 2:30 hours of pushing i had a beatiful baby boy! Maximus Alexander was 9 pounds 9 oz at birth! and yeah i'm in shock i actually pushed him out !! after he was born the scary part started, my placenta wouldnt deliver (after 45 minutes wating for it to come out), so they called another doctor to see what to do, they said they were taking me to the OR but that didnt happen (they did it in the room I was in), they had to take the placenta out manually... (yes they reach inside and took it out) they gave me some drugs for the pain and but i still felt every little thing, i ask them to stop.. and the most scary part was that the doctor said "if i stop u die" so they took everything out i lost quite a bit of blood and i was very weak (my blood pressure was up and down the hole time!), i had to stay one more day in the hospital than regular, luckily everything turned out good, after all the pain and the complications after the birth, I feel very blessed to be alive, and to have a healthy baby!!! i'm still recovering and getting better everyday... :D

Re: my birth story! :)

  • Wow how scary! Congratulations on your new baby boy. I'm sure he's well worth the fear.
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  • Hey EDD Twin,
    I'm so sorry that you had to go through that! But very happy to hear that everything turned out okay!
    So you had a New Year's Baby.  That's awesome, you'll have a wonderful party for him each year I'm sure.  Now that we're over on the 0-6 months board we'll have to make sure that we stay in touch.
    Talk to you soon

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