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stripping of the membranes

Does anyone know how long after stripping or sweeping of the membranes you will go into labor? Doc did it today and I have been having a lot of cramping. Has anyone else had this done? looking for a little glimmer of hope.

Re: stripping of the membranes

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    A coworker had it done and about 5 days later she went into labor.  Hope all goes well!
  • When my doc did it with my second, she was certain that I would have had the baby by the end of the weekend (this was done on a Friday).  I showed up the next Friday (a week later) and was still pregnant.  She thought maybe she hadn't completely stripped them, so she tried again.  Nope!  Nothing left.  Just one incredibly stubborn baby.  TG he was born later that night but it was one LONG week. 

    I'm an extreme exception to the membrane stripping rule, though.  Doc was beyond surprised he hung in there that long after having a full membrane strip.  In my experience, the cramping was the most uncomfortable part of the experience.  Hang in there, though!  Warm showers helped a bit in that area (as they helped me through my labors as well)

    One thing my doc told me to do was to go home and have sex b/c then the semen can work even harder to get your cervix to rippen.  Sorry if that was too graphic but they were her words, not mine.  :) 

    BEST of luck to you!  I'm sure you won't be like me, I just wanted to let you know my experience with it and maybe some things that your doc didn't tell you.  GOOD LUCK!!

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  • Had mine stripped 3 times

    nothing worked.......I was 1 week overdue with DD

  • Midwife stripped mine and within 10 minutes I felt unusual cramping. Within an hour I was headed to the hospital! It was a little painful though...
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