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? for those who had a scheduled induction....

My doctor suggests I should schedule an induction at 38 weeks due to the size of my baby in order to minimize the chance of an episiotomy (sp?). My baby girl is long and is already weighing at about 6lbs (may be a little over now).

Okay here's the thing: I am really praying NOT to have a C-section unless a emergency comes up ofcourse. I've been reading about scheduled inductions and most are saying that a c-section is more likely to occur during a scheduled induction. Did anyone experience this? And could you explain why the doctor thought a c-sect was necessary? How did you feel about this?

Re: ? for those who had a scheduled induction....

  • By the way, even though my ticker says "36 weeks" I'm actually only 34 weeks.
  • I didn't have an induction but my SIL did. Two actually.
    Her first one was 3 days after her edd and she was given cervidal. It made her contract lightly every 2 minutes making no progress on dilation. They gave her the option of staying and getting pitocin but her dr. said it looked like her body wasn't 'taking to it" and probably would end up with a c/s. She said no.
    She went back at the end of the week for another scheduled induction with pitocin and thankfully it took by then (1 1/2 weeks overdue).

    I think the logic behind your dr's train of thought is a little off, honestly. Inducing you 2 weeks (!!!) early because an u/s shows the baby might be big (those things can be so off) just to avoid an episiotomy?? That seems a little ridiculous to me. Most women tear anyways, regardless of how big the baby is.
    I would take an episiotomy anyday over a c section.

    If there was a health risk, sure, induce me today. But if not, stay away from me and let my body do what it needs to do.

    I don't know what your birth plan looks like, but if you get induced chances are you will sbe tuck in your bed, hooked to machines and experience more painful contractions that you normally would. Not my cup of tea.

    Thats just my opinion though. Good luck, however it does happen!
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  • i have never heard of anyone being induced in order to avoid an episiotomy! Those aren't that big of a deal, and usually tearing isn't either. I was induced 3 days after my due date, but I was already 4 cm dialated so it went faily easily. If you aren't dialated or effaced at all, I think there's a higher chance  of ending up with a c-section. I'm not anti-induction, but i do think your doctor's reasoning is a bit crazy.
  • I agree with the pp's.  1st of all, episiotomies aren't even in common practice anymore.  Studies prove that women recover easier and have less chance of infection from tearing than they do from an episioomy.

    Also, ultrasound measuring isn't that accurate and usually overestimates.  I didn't get induced, but most of my friends did.  All ended up having really hard labors that some of them ended up having a c-section anyways, b/c the baby just wasn't ready to come on its own.  

    You are really just going to have to weigh your own feelings on this.  Do you feel like your baby is that big?   My aunt gained a lot of weight with her 4th kid and was talked into inducing early b/c the doctors thought the baby was big.  They overestimated his weight by 1.5 lbs!

  • I was induced...due to medical reasons at 37 weeks...they started at 9am and I had my DD at 7:40pm that night..I had her vaginally with no problems.
    May you always have in your arms the one who is in your heart.
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  • I had a sort-of-scheduled induction... I had preeclampsia, and the doctor called at noon to say that I needed to be at the hospital at 8pm that day.  We did the whole induction, start to almost-finish, including 3 hours of pushing.  After abut 24 hours total, the doctor decided that she just was not going to fit (I have a narrow pelvic structure - nothing I can do about that!), so she sent me in for a c-section.  Of course I had no desire to have one, but I didn't really have a choice, either.

    At that point (24 hours in), I have to say, I really did not care how they got it done.  It was apparent even to me that she was not going to come out without the c-section.  We went into the labor not expecting a specific experience (i.e., no detailed birth plan) - we hadn't done this before, didn't totally know what to expect in terms of how my body would work, and were really just focused on the end result.  So it was a little disappointing, because I really like to do things right on the first try, but we stayed focused on the end result.
  • U/S can be misleading in size. My friend gave birth to a 10lb baby with no tearing or episiotomy. If there was something else medically wrong then I would induce, but if weight is the only reason than I would let your body and baby let you know when you are ready.

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  • We scheduled an induction for our EDD because of concerns over the size of the baby.  When I went in, I was barely a fingertip dilated (as I had been for the previous two weeks).  We started Cervadil on Tuesday night, Pitocin all the next day with no progress, Cervadil on Weds night and Pitocin 1/2 a day on Thursday before deciding to go ahead with a C-section.  I never dilated past 1cm, and never had anything more than mild cramping.  I really did NOT want a C-Section, but also didn't want the size of the baby to be a problem.  It turns out that because of her position (she hadn't even dropped yet) we would probably have ended up with a C-Section no matter what.  Would have been nice to know that BEFORE the two days of trying to induce!! 

    Prior to scheduling the induction my Dr. told us that at that appt. the condition of my cervix was not 'favorable' and that we had probably a 30% chance of ending up with a C-Section.  We tried to avoid that by waiting another week before inducing.  But, like I probably would not have made a difference.

    The main reason for the C-Section was the size of the baby.  I was scared to have one, but after two days of trying to induce I was just ready to get rolling with whatever needed to be done. I know that we did what we though we needed to in order to avoid it, but also weighing the cost/risk benefit.

  • First your Dr. should be ashamed to be recommending an induction, especially for the size of the baby - which they cannot be exact by any means.  A due date is an estimation - babies are not considered post term until after 42 weeks and even then you can still go into labor naturally.  Your body and baby need to be in sync - it is all hormonal.  It will happen and will happen naturally - your baby is not ready yet is all...

    I went to 42 weeks.  I had a long yet natural labor at home.  My baby was 9 lbs.  It was the most beautiful experience I have had ever in my life...the most challenging mind you, but the most empowering.

    All I ask is that you weigh your options.  One intervention leads to another and another.  By induction they are chemically 'creating labor' for you and you are giving them control of your birth process.  Remember your body knows how to do this!  Hey, if I could handle a 41 hr. labor and still deliver a beautiful, (big) healthy baby - anyone can!!  Please DO NOT let your Dr. convince you otherwise.  The outcome could be detrimental...
  • oh, and as for episiotomies - they are WRONG!!!  you should allow your body to tear naturally if it needs to - the healing process will be much easier on you...  i had a 2nd degree and healed w/in 2 weeks.

    originally episiotomies were to prevent 3rd and/or 4th degree tears - they are a 'man made' 2nd degree tear.  your chances are nine times more likely to have a 3rd and/or 4th degree tear with a 'cut' - not to mention the scar tissue involved.  ugh - who are these Dr's to tell us this?? How do they supposedly know you will tear ahead of time anyway?? 

    This is so saddening...
  • I was induced at 40w 2 days because I was measuring 43 weeks 2 days. They thought my son was going to be 10-11 lbs and I was not dropping. I went in to be induced and they were going to give me a pill under my cervix but saw that I was having mild contractions so they gave me pitocin. I was supposed to get a low level and sleep through the night. The "low level" put me straight into labor. 9 hours into it they told me he was not dropping. They broke my water, told me I'd most likely have a "conehead" or a C-section. I was fine with a C-section. 9 hours later including 55 min of pushing he was out and didn't have a conehead. I did tear but didn't feel anything with my epidural. They said Jackson could have gone another two weeks with the amount of vernix on him.  He was 9 lbs 13 ounces.
    I do not want to be induced for child number two even if it is 12 lbs. I loved having a bigger baby. He was/is so mellow. Good luck!
  • I was induced with my son at a little over 38wks and did not need a c-section. I progressed fine and only pushed for three sets. Everyone is different, but there really is no way of knowing whether or not you will need a c-section until you are actually induced.
  • Seriously episiotomies are way old school.  Tearing has been proven better for your body in terms of healing.  We're not in Africa where women get fistulas because they tear and are not repaired.  If you tear, you'll get stiched up.  What an odd thing for  a doc to say.

    Oh, and women have big babies all the time.   Head size is more important than length or weight, if I recall correctly.  Should width is also important, but if baby is long and heavy, as long as head and shoulders are proportional to your pelvis then you should be alright.

    Makes me wonder if the OB's anniversary or birthday is when you are due....(and yes, I know I'm tragically cyncial, I'm working on it...)

  • i had a scheduled induction and i did not have a c-section.  i was induced too due to the size of my DD.  she ended up not being big but besides the point.  mine went fine and i'm sure yours will too.
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