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Jacob's birth story

Our baby was born on Wednesday afternoon, we've been so busy I haven't been on the nest until tonight!

My water broke on Tuesday night at 7:40 while we were home watching tv. We called the hospital and were told to take our time but to come in.

We checked in, got hooked up to all of the monitors, and settled in for the night. My contractions were 7-10 minutes apart and didn't hurt at all, so my husband and I watched Caddy Shack in our room.

By midnight the contractions were picking up, 5-7 minutes apart, and I was getting uncomfortable. I tried the jaccuzzi, but it really only helped in between contractions, the contractions themselves were still painful.

By 2am I was nearly vomiting in between contractions so we called for the epidural. All I can say is that the epi was BLISS. I have never felt so wonderful in all my life. I was so comfortable that I slept through the night, and when I woke up at 7am I was fully dialated and ready to go.

At this point I was thinking that labor was a breeze. But our luck didn't hold. Another woman came into the hospital who was practically crowning already, so we labored down for 2 hours while she was delivered first.

At 9am we started pushing. The doctor put me on pitocin because my contractions were still really unpredictable (they never did get into a solid rythem) and headed out to do his morning appointments. The nurse and my husband were there to help me keep pushing until he needed to return.

At 11am I still was no further ahead, but getting really tired and the doctor came back. We pushed for another 30 minutes or so and then he suggested using the vaccuum to help. I don't remember how long that went on, I was on oxygen between contractions at this point but I remember him talking about a c-section.

The rest is really blurry, but after a LOT more pushing and help with the vaccuum our baby was born at 12:29 in the afternoon. I was in a lot of pain so I really didn't appreciate him being placed on my chest, but hopefully those memories of the pain will fade and I'll only remember what a miracle he was.

I am still pretty uncomfortable but there's no time to worry about yourself once you have a newborn to worry about. He's doing good, the top of his head is all blistered over from the suction and he's very jaundiced, but it's all worth it. I honestly never appreciated how lucky we were to be pregnant until now. What a gift!

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