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Personal question....

This is kind of embarrassing, but just curious.  Can an orgasim cause you to go into labor?  The doctor's say it is safe to have sex, just wondering if it is safe to have an orgasim.  I was on pelvic rest for most of my pregnancy due to placenta previa and we could not have sex.  We were given the ok to have sex at the beginning of my 8th month.  We only had it one time (I had an orgasim) and went into labor the next morning.  My son was 18 days early.  So I'm just curious if the orgasim did it?  

Re: Personal question....

  • could be!  fun way to start labor for sure!  :)  there is a chemical in the sperm that can cause labor to begin actually...  and orgasm itself is good as well...
  • I've only had one baby and my husband and I were sexually active the entire time (and I was having orgasms), up until my induced delivery and nothing ever happened.  I just think it's different for everyone. 
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