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Epidural ?

Hi Ladies, and Congrats on your new babies!

I am still early but I heard something about getting an epidural and had to ask. Is it true that insurance companies do not cover the expense of getting an epidural, and you have to pay out of pocket???
Please tell me this isn't true lol

Re: Epidural ?

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    i am assuming that it depends on the insurance you carry.  mine covered everything for my first child except the circumcision and the television in my room....they were the only out of pocket expenses i paid for, and i think i only paid for a portion of the circumcision, not the entire procedure
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    With my DS, insurance covered the epi (they also covered the circumcision FWIW). I've never heard of it not being covered, but I don't *plan* on having one this time, so I haven't checked.
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    After hearing this in our childbirth class, my DH found out our insurance requires us to pay a certain %, so I think it will be about $200.

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    I would bet there's a huge variation in what insurance companies and policies will pay for what. Usually it depends on how cheap the company is who provides the policies. Some companioes provide great benifits for their employees and other companies buy a cheap policy just so they can say they provide medical insurance. I would contact your insurance company (there should be a phone number on the back of the card) and find out what is and what isn't covered re:child birth so you know in advance and can plan accordingly.
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    I'd take out a second mortgage for the epidural.  It covered it for me the first time but since insurance companies care nil about patient health and only about saving their company money and making money, one never knows.
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