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On a lighter note -

I read your home birth story - it's beautiful.  You did a truly  amazing thing.

Too bad it's not that easy for everyone.


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    first, since i was completely called out on a post w/ my name in the title - i am going to respond...  i in no way want to start a back and forth banter.  this is my response, and that is going to be the end of it.  this is a 'birth stories' board, and that is what we should be sharing.  the women i responded to in the other post should not be posting questions such as hers on here either...  i took the liberty of responding because i thought it to be important to share w/ her that she CAN avoid a repeat ceserean and i simply directed her to the ICAN website.  i am not attempting to be a dr., however, i do think many women are not being told they can VBAC for many reasons...

    whereas my 'blanket' statements about VBAC may seem to be offensive, unfort. (for the majority of women) they are very true.  my post was meant to allow this woman to see that there IS a possibilty of VBAC.  i know what is going on this country, i know that women are being told that they cannot VBAC and i KNOW that dr's are not acting in the best interest of the women OR baby.  they are acting in their pocket book's interest and conning women into thinking that their bodies cannot do this, when indeed they can.  (again, in most cases)  i know that hospitals are unethically banning VBAC across the country and making repeat cesereans routine due to misinformation re: the percentage of possible rupture - which is half a percent currently.  i attend ICAN support group meetings locally and hear stories of women who have attempted VBAC in a hosp. and are being told that child protective services will take their children (and newborn) away if they push them out.  i know women that are being told that their babies are TOO big and they must have a repeat ceserean to make sure 'they do not kill their baby'.  i hear stories that make my heart ache and make my insides shake, because i KNOW that these women are forever damaged.  i CANNOT AND WILL NOT ever stop speaking out about this (and that may offend some), because women need to realize what is happening in this country.  their rights are being take away.  there ability to choose how and when they birth their babies is being stripped from them, and that is not ok with me.  as a women, that not only offends me, but makes me angry and want to fight.  more women need to become angry and fight to take not only THEIR bodies back, but THEIR births to reduce the risk of possible harm to not only themselves but also their unborn children.

    the risks of repeat ceserean far outway the risks of VBAC.   you are repeating a major abdominal surgery, which creates more scar tissue and more chance for injury to internal organs and the baby.  if you allow a woman to go into labor ON HER OWN, not induce her, her chance of damage to herself and the baby greatly decreases.  this is another very important site:

    i believe in patient 'choice'  unfort., patients right now are not being given a choice in re: to VBAC, in many instances nationwide.  this is not ok.  women are opting to home birth because that is their only chance of VBAC.  this is ludicrous.  women's choice re: their own bodies are being taken away. 

    ICAN - - is an important source for women.  i was simply sharing that source so that the women in the post i was responding to could read and draw her own conclusions.  almost no dr. or hosp. is going to say 'sure, you can VBAC'.  they 'might' say, you can 'try' to VBAC and give her a trial of labor - but, in most cases, they are still going to 'coerce' her into a repeat c-section.  period.  whether it is her best interest or not.  women need to start questioning this for any of this to change.  women need to realize the risks of repeat cesereans far outweigh the risks or vaginal delivery and they need to be told this openly and honestly by their health care provider - until that begins to happen - i will not stop spreading the word.  again, i am sorry if this seems hurtful - but as a woman, i cannot keep my mouth shut.

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