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gross question

Are the rumors true about pooping during labor? I don't know anyone who has, but i hear it's very common. How embarrassing is that? Or is it just that when you're in labor you don't care about anything but getting that baby out so you hardly notice?


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  • I've never had a baby.  But my cousin did when she was pushing.  I know it sounds gross but its something that I'm sure happens to a lot of people.
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  • Yep it happens. With my first daughter I told my husband I think I just pooped on the table. (I had already been given the epidural). It was embarrasing to have him wipe my butt! You still care to a point but after awhile well you cant wait to see baby.
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  • Oh, no....that is my biggest fear...shallow, i know.  I am freaking out!
  • I heard that they used to have your system cleaned out prior to pushing, that's what one of my coworkers told me.  Not sure why they don't do that anymore.
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  • They don't give women in labor enemas anymore because it causes them to pass out.
  • It is true and happens a lot. I was in the room with two friends during the birth of both their babies (taking photos), and they pooped. It wasn't as gross as I thought it would be but it surprised me the first time it happened even though I knew it would. I just made sure I didn't take a picture right then. They both said they had no idea that they were pooping. One had natural and the other had an epidural. Now that I'm PG, it's my fear, too. It's helps to remember that seeing it wasn't that big of a deal.
  • I have a friend that did it.  She said the nurses don't make a big deal of it at all, they just clean it up.  I was fortunate, didn't happen to me!  But you're right... at that point, when you're spreading your legs to just about anyone, I don't think it would matter.
  • when i started reading this i was really hoping everyone would say "nope, it dosnt happen."
    I hope i dont notice but i get emabrrased easily, so its a fear of mine..and the pain.
    im not preggers yet, but i will be starting a family (hopefully) in a couple of yrs.
  • I vomited and had dirrhea while I was in labor before I went to the hospital...body's way of clearing itself out.  Like others said, you've got everything hanging out, a little feces isn't going to bother anyone (including you) when the time comes.
  • ahh man. This was my fear too. I hadn't heard anything about it until I got pregnant. (Alot of things you never hear UNTIL you get pregnant). I would just turn blood shot red if I realized that I pooped on myself. My Dh will never let me live after that moment if I do.  ::keeping figures crossed::
  • I didn't with my first DS but I did with my 2nd DS.  I was worried too, but if you don't push correctly, it is just going to take longer.  I figured I might as well push like like they were telling me (like having a BM) and get the baby out, or worry about doing it and have longer labor.  The nurses cleaned me up and said it happens all the time.
  • You really dont even think about it when you are in labor. Trust me, there are much more gross fluids coming out of you than some poo. Im not even sure if I did, but the nurses just quickly discard what ever you poo on. I mean they are staring at your hoo ha that is bloody, swollen, and crowning with a massive spotlight on you. You won't even care.
  • I did not, but in the moment it wouldn't have mattered to me.  Seriously, you have a lot going on and it's the least of your worries at the time!
  • I did!!! DH said mine was just a little bit of liquid that came out, didn't even resemble poo because I hadn't eaten in ages. He said it wasn't even gross. Not sure if I believe him...


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  • I am not sure if I did or not, because I was only allowed to push for 2 contractions before my unnecessarean.  I can tell you that I was very embarassed while I labored at home in the tub, though, that I farted constantly.  DH kept laughing until I started crying and yelled at him.  Honestly though- so many other things about labor and delivery are more scary than the body functions. I was intimidated by everything about the hospital despite being a very informed customer. 
  • I was given an enema when i had my first baby so didn't have issues with pooping. But i wont be surprised if those who weren't given enema poop buckets with all the force of labour.
  • yep i pooped. it was pretty embaressing. no-one made a big deal about it, except for me. I stopped pushing and said "Oh I am so embaraessed, turn off the camera! Please forget you saw that, LOL" It's pretty funny now. I mean, who stops pushing? haha
  • i did...and both my sisters did...not embarassed at all...i got my dd out and she was healthy
  • i was so afraid i would poop during delivery and guess what....i did!

    and to tell you the was so not a big deal.  they took care of it in a matter of seconds and it was like nothing happened.  i was like...oh my god, sorry!  and the nurse was like...oh that is nothing compared to what is about to come out!

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