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I have a friend that wants to try hypnobirthing.  For those of you who used this how did you learn it, through tapes or a person?  She has looked into it, but the tapes are extremely expensive.  Are the tapes worth it?  TIA
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Re: Hypnobirthing?

  • i think the audio is ESSENTIAL when you are in the throws of labor (you can block everyone w/ headphones to!)...  and if you really practice the mediations it will help you be calm through contractions.  i think this is one of the best techniques.  i found someone i knew who let me borrow the book and i burned the cd from my midwife - you can find it on amazon.com for really cheap - used to...
  • I've been reading Hypnobirthing. I got it from the library so I made copies of the excersise pages and techniques. It also had a Cd with it which I just burned off a copy. It's a really good book and think it is really going to help.
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  • I want to do a hypno birth, it seems really hard to find a lot of information on it. where can I find info on the actual techniques and the audio?? just wondering!
  • We're such a small club, aren't we? I found a hypnobirthing book at my library and decided to read it just for the heck of it - and I fell in LOVE with it! I immediately ordered it from my local bookstore so I'd have my own copy, and it came with one CD (great idea on the headphones, btw, I'll have to remember that!). I was debating whether or not to take a class (we have lots where we live), because they're expensive, but since I feel like I'm the only person in the world planning a natural birth, let alone a hypnobirth, I thought it would be a good way to meet some other people and not feel so isolated, so I'm going to do it. Hypnobirthing.com has a forum with some info on it, but it's not terribly active.
  • yes indeed we are a small club - sucks.  i wish more women planned/plan to go natural...

    i would suggest joining mothering.com's forum - it is a little 'crunchy', but full of great info - espec. on natural birth.  this board is unfort. not where you will get a lot of support. 

  • I'm studying Hypnobabies for my first pregnancy, but there is also Hypnobirthing. I've studies both types and it seems that for Hypnobirthing, you may need to supplement with in-class course whereas with Hypnobabies--it's all reading and audio. Both courses have great reviews! good luck
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