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Patrick William made his debut this past week on April 13. (due date April 15) Here is the short version of the story. 3pm-felt lower pains, different than the contractions I had felt. Almost like I had to poop but couldn't. 6pm-went to sleep, woke up after an hour and pains were gone 10pm-made peanut butter fudge, felt like it had to be made before Sunday?? Strange nesting instinct?? 11pm-went to bed 1am-woke up with intense pains that were different and just knew they were "it". Got in the tub right away. Contractions became more intense, had some bloody show then had a bunch of BM's in-between contractions. They were anywhere from 3-7min apart and lasted from 45sec-1min long. 3am- called midwife. She said I should probably come in soon. I couldn't talk through the contractions at this point. 4:30am-left for the hospital. Checked and 7cm at arrival. Contractions intensified, got rechecked in an hour, still 7. 6:30am-labored on ball, in shower (didn't like this), on all fours in bed. Anything to make the pain go away! (oh, btw, it doesn't until you push the baby out!) Lots of leaking fluid, confirmed that it was my water. 8:30am-checked again, still 7cm Midwife offered Pitocin or breaking my water after checking that outer layer broke, but not actual sack. I didn't want either because it already hurt so bad and I didn't want it to get worse... yeah, yeah, I konw it has get worse to get baby out. But I wasn't really thinking! 10:30am-agreed to break my water. Contractions intensfied and I felt like I had to bear down with each one. 11:30am-start pushing (on a birthing stool that was set on the bed while I held on to the bar (highly recommended!) Switched to pushing with bar, stirrups and a towel to hold onto attached to bar (also great!) My husband was behind me the whole labor offering counter pressure on my lower back. 12:37 Patrick arrives. No drugs, no anything. I pushed very hard and Patrick sort of shot out at the end which resulted in a 3rd degree tear. Here comes the crazy part. After a fully natural birth, my tear lands me in the OR with a spinal and IV to fix it. The staff was great though and kept Patrick on my chest the whole time and also breastfeeding. They didn't even weigh him for the first 3 hours! We are home now recovering and figuring life out, outside the womb. Natural, Vaginal birth hurts like hell, but you are present in every moment and get something magical as a reward in the end.

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