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Aidan Joseph~induction to c-section

On Thursday, April 24th I went to the perinatologist for a non-stress test and amniotic fluid check by ultrasound. The NST went well. The AFI also went well. He was measuring at 40w3d and 8 pounds, 8 ounces but was actually only 39w0d. I had no protein in my urine, but my blood pressure was 166/99 and then 155/95 when taken a second time. Those readings were what made the doctor say, ?Well, there?s no sense in waiting. You?re going to deliver today.? So, the receptionist and I walked over to the hospital which was only a building away. I had nothing but my pocketbook. I didn?t even move the car from the parking lot. I called Sean on my walk over to tell him to stop working and hurry over with the bags. I was so nervous and scared, but excited that the time was finally here.

12:30pm- I was admitted. The nurse gave me the gown to change into and I felt so strange being in the hospital alone. I couldn?t wait for Sean to arrive so I wouldn?t be alone any longer. I was 1cm/50% effaced/-3 station. My doctor came in and said we?d either insert Cervadil or break my water and start Pitocin.

1pm- Sean arrived. The nurse started my IV fluids.

1:30pm- Blood pressure was 127/72. Called immediate family members to tell them I was admitted.

3:30pm- Stopped IV fluids, told that labs were normal (no pre-eclampsia scares), will do Cervadil tonight.

4:30pm- Had Wawa hoagie for dinner because we were told we?d do Cervadil at 6pm and once that was done I wouldn?t be allowed to have anything but ice chips. I was having some contractions, but nothing regular. Some even lasted as long as 6 minutes! Aidan?s heart beat and my blood pressure were great.

7:30pm- Cervadil still hadn?t been inserted yet.

10pm- Doctor inserted Cervadil. I was told to stay in bed for two hours, which seemed like forever when I had to pee. We were told that they would break my water and start pitocin the following morning.

11:50pm- I was given Ambien 10mg to sleep. It made me feel really sleepy and drunk.

I was crampy throughout the night and hated that I could only have ice chips. I just wanted to guzzle a huge glass of water!

Friday, April 25th

4am- I was given Stadol for the pain. I was feeling contractions in my hips and legs mostly. Sean was rubbing my hips but it didn?t seem to help. The Stadol put me right to sleep.

5:30am-woke up to pain, got more Stadol which only relieved the pain for 40 minutes.

6:15am- I was checked again and was 1cm/70% effaced/-3 station?so barely a change at all. I got more blood work drawn to make sure all my levels were okay.

8:40am- Doctor came in to check me and she broke my water. I was half asleep and had no idea she was going to do that. All of a sudden I felt a huge warm gush of water and realized what happened. It woke Sean up from a sound sleep! With each contraction it kept gushing out. I finally felt like Aidan wasn?t up in my ribs any longer and was able to breathe a little easier. I was 2cm/90% effaced/-1 station, so I made a little bit of progress, but not a lot.

9:00am- Pitocin was started as well as magnesium sulfate to keep my blood pressure down. The mag made me feel like I got hit by a train. It was awful. I could hardly keep my eyes open for longer than two minutes and felt completely out of control.

9:40am- Time for the epidural. Sean had to leave the room, but I had an awesome nurse at that time. The anesthesiologist was great too. I was sitting on the side edge of the bed holding a pillow at my belly and the nurse was in front of me holding my shoulders. I had a contraction so they waited to start until it was over. When it was done he numbed me then did the epidural. Honestly, my IV hurt worse than the epidural. I felt tingly in my legs right away, but it took a while for them to go numb. I was able to move them, but they felt very heavy. The pain in my legs finally went away and I was so much more comfortable. I never really felt the contractions anywhere but in my hips and legs, so the epidural relief was great.

10:00am- The catheter was put it. This was not painful, but a little uncomfortable since my epidural was still getting up to its full potential. It was nice to not have to call the nurse every hour to ask to be unhooked from the monitors so I could go to the bathroom though.

11:30am- An internal monitor was inserted to keep better track of my contractions. I was 3cm/100% effaced/-1 station. Aidan still wasn?t moving down and I hadn?t progressed much after 2 ? hours of pitocin. I was feeling more pressure with the contractions. The pitocin was increased in hopes of helping with dilation.

2:00pm- Still 3cm dilated. Pitocin is as high as it can be.

4:25pm- No progress when checked. The doctor told us we can continue to wait and see if I progress, but she said with the majority of cases like this there is no progress and it ends in a c-section. She left the room and Sean and I decided that I was uncomfortable and tired of waiting. We both figured if the pitocin was as high as it could be and I still wasn?t making progress that a c-section would be the way to go. Plus, we worried my blood pressure would increase if we waited longer and put my body under more stress. The doctor came back in, we talked about what would go on with the c-section and what she advised and then told her we wanted the c-section.

4:50pm- I was given a bolus in my epidural to make sure I was really numb.

5:00pm- I was taken to the operating room for my c-section. I was still completely out of it due to the magnesium sulfate. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. When Sean was telling me he loved me and would be in with me in a few minutes I said ?I love you too. Fix that piece of hair (a piece I always tell him to fix)?. On the way to the OR I asked the nurses if there was wireless internet. Once I arrived in the OR and they were prepping me, I asked my doctor if she used staples or stitches?good time to ask, right? Yes, I was completely out of it due to the mag. They had me scoot over to the table from my bed and they put up the curtain by my head. I had to ask them to move that away a little bit because I felt like it was too close to my face.

A few minutes later, or so it seemed, Sean was in the OR with me sitting by my head. I asked him to keep talking to me to keep me calm and awake. I was so afraid I wouldn?t be able to keep my eyes open due to the magnesium. The radio was on 102.9 and my doctor even sang along with a song before she started. I felt some tugging and pressure. As they were pulling him out I felt more water gush out of me like earlier, which was weird. As soon as he was out we heard him cry. It was the most awesome sound in the whole world. My doctor said ?Hi fatso!? to him as she pulled him out. She held him up over the curtain and we saw the chubbiest little face ever. It was beautiful. He continued to scream until they took him to the special care nursery with Sean to weigh, measure, and bathe him. Aidan arrived at 5:18pm weighing 8 pounds and 9 ounces, measuring 19 inches long. He scored a 9 on both Apgar tests.

After everything that went on, I would totally do it again in a heartbeat. I absolutely love being a mommy!

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Re: Aidan Joseph~induction to c-section

  • Thanks for sharing your story. I am sorry you had issues, your baby is perfect and beautiful.
  • Thank you for sharing your story!  I have  a scheduled induction for several reasons and was a little concerned about the possibility of a c-section. But, your story makes me feel a lot better!  Your little guy is GORGEOUS!  Congratulations!
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