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Kelsey's Birth

It was a good shopping day that i decided to get out  the house my son was home from school so we decided to go shopping at Macy's boy did we find good deals that would start the next day by one clearence item get the other free the cashier was so nice she let me use the special that day and i told her i would be back in teh morning before my 39wk check up. 

Boy was i lying to her i didn't even make it we wnet home and as soon as we walked through the door at about 6:30 that night contractions started and didn't stop at all. I calle dthe doors office at 11:30 that night cause i has started throwing up so i went in.

The nurse i had as drunk or just plain tried from her shift good thing it was over in 2hours cause when she checked me she said i had not dialated or anything then about an hour later she came back nad checked me again and said ok your at a 2 were you at a 2 at your last Doc appt. i just looked at her and shook my head. But they still were gonna send me home they gave me a shot of a steriod that was supposed to stop or slow down my contractions at about 3:12am i threw up at 3:13am and at 3:15am my water broke so i guess i wll not be going home. at 4:45 i had to get an epidurial I was 71/2 cm but i was having so much back labor pain.....

And kelsey was born at 12:11pm Friday 5/9/08 My beautiful baby girl..
I would post a pic but i don't know how to..

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