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RP: My super fascinating birth story

Here are some of the details of my labor. I probably forgot half of them, or didn?t even pay attention, but please, enjoy! I woke up about 1230 am on 6/19, and felt damp. Thinking I was stupid, no one goes into labor that early, I went back to bed. Got up again at about 230 and realized this was a little more serious, my shorts were nearly soaked. So I got up, waited around to see if I was contracting, etc. The contractions were very light and every 8-10 minutes, so I went back to bed for awhile. I obviously didn?t sleep, and finally called L&D at 330 for advice. They suggested I wait for either stronger contractions or less time, and call the doctor at that time. At about 4 I called my doc, they had been 6 min apart for the last 30 minutes. It was suggested that I come in. Finally woke up DH, we took our time getting ready, got to hospital at 5 or so. At that point, they said I was dilated about 2, we admitted me, etc. Doc came at 830, I was still at 2, he put me on a pitocin drip. As this was not really something that excited me, I did question it. Because my water had broken around 8 hours previously, they needed me to start progressing. By about noon, my contractions were very strong, lasting 50-60 seconds and coming every 1-2 minutes. They checked me again, still dilated to 2. This is when I finally said I needed an epidural. I was so exhausted, I just don?t know that I could have made it. So, I got the epidural, felt another contraction, and fell asleep for an hour and a half. When I woke up, I was pretty much all set to go, there was a ?little lip? as they kept saying. I have no idea what that means. I started pushing at 215. The doc was about a half hour out at some meeting, and they were telling me maybe I wouldn?t make it. So, I set in my mind that I would have this baby before my doc got there, and that would show him. Show him what, I don?t know. That didn?t happen. He got there, sat on the couch in my room, and watched DH, I, and two nurses work with me pushing for about 1.5 hours. Things were progressing, but very slowly. We had me on my back, each side, and all of them again. They put up the push bar above my head, and it did nothing but confuse me, so we stopped with that. However, putting my legs on it did seem to help. After about 7 rounds of pushing with them telling me that ?this was it? I wanted to die. I was crying, and pretty much just lost all energy, and begging them to do something to get the baby out. Obviously, a rational person knows that at this point, I have to get the baby out. At one point, I felt the head kind of suck back in, and pretty much lost it, I was honestly sure I could not do this, and I knew his heart rate was falling so was terrified I was killing my baby. Two more pushes, his head was out, one more, and our perfect little baby was officially born. He came out face down, then his cord was between his legs, so it seemed like about an hour before we knew he was a boy. The nurses had been really excited about the fact that we didn?t know what he was, and everyone was very excited. It was now 436 pm They put him on me, and I can?t describe what it was like, other than totally surreal and amazing. They had some kind of specialist in there, as he was 22 days early, technically a preemie by about 8 hours. They then took him to check weight and all that. He pooped on the floor, and peed on a nurse, and that was when we were sure he belonged to DH (j/k of course). Everyone was talking to me at once, and I have very little idea what was said. I know I had a stage 2 tear (or whatever they call it). Thank god epi was still in effect while he was stitching me, as were endorphins or whatever, cause I think that may have really gotten to me if I had thought about it. Dylan Joseph officially was 19.5 in long, weighed 7#2o, and his Apgar was 8-9, all of which were great. We left the hospital on Saturday, he weighed 6#13o at that time, which was still good. He had to have tons of tests, preemie, remember, but nothing except for slight jaundice. Now that I have trailed on and on and on forever, I will end this birth story. Hopefully, more funny, happy stories to tell, once me and this little bugger get life worked out a little more! ~ashley

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