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I'm going to be induced. It doesn't matter why, it's going to happen. It doesn't matter that a c-section is probably a better idea, I refuse. So now with that out of the way, does anyone have any induction stories to share?

I have made no progress at all other than my cervix is starting to soften. This makes me really nervous because I realize I could still end up with a c-section but I want to try this first. My DH and I aren't too successful in the sex department (too much pressure, not enough wine), I'm walking, I'm trying nipple stimulation, I'm open to anything and figure checking out any old wive's tale is worth it at this point. My first child was delivered vaginally and it was a dream L&D so I'm hoping that helps my odds. In the meantime I excited and scared but I love and trust my doctor.

Thanks for your thoughts and experiences!

Re: XP: Inductions

  • You are not even full term yet, you have 20 more days to go! - why induce?  Your Dr. should not be even be talking induction til closer to your due date - and even than it is not advisable.

    Yes, you will GREATLY increase your risk of a c-section by inducing too early. Not sure why you would want to do that if your first labor was so wonderful - wouldn't you want that again?

    I would say, hold tight mama, that baby will come when that baby is ready - really, they come when their lungs are fully developed - you are not only putting yourself at risk, but also your baby - not trying to scare you, it is just the truth - they aren't done cooking! PLEASE PLEASE hold out! You can do it!!

    Here is a very informative article:

    I hope you have a beautiful and gentle birth ... let is occur on it's own.

    PS - When you are closer to your due date - try sitting on a birth ball to help open the pelvis, nipple stimulation, rasberry leaf tea, sex, LOTS of walking, exercise, etc.
  • they induced DD as soon as i got to 38 weeks.  I had pre eclampsia and had been on bed rest (only for a week).  I checked into the hospital friday evening and they started me on petocin(?) at 7:30pm contractions started, but by the next morning they had to stop the medicince because they had given me all they could.  My contractions stopped.  They waited  couple hours and then started again.  By Sunday morning they wanted to send me home for a day or 2 andthen try again, I refused.  They tried one last time and it worked.  Because I had so much meds the contractions were one on top of another, I got a epideral and then finally at 10:30 pm Sunday DD was born.  This time I hope I can wait longer because I don't think my body was ready to be induced so early.  Hope that helps.  

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  • I was induced 8 days early because my BP was so high.  I went in at 7, the doctor inserted cervadil at 8, and not much happened all night long.  They started the pitocin at 4 am.  Then at 8 am I was only dilated to 3 and he broke my water.  Trust me the contractions started to really come then.  It took my body FOREVER to progress.  I got an epidural when I was at a 4 and I didn't have my daughter til 5:15 pm.  I had to push for an hour and a half and had help with forceps.  All I can say is, I hope to God this baby comes out naturally...I'm refusing pitocin.  I am going to do everything I can to NOT be induced because I don't think my body was ready for it the last time.  Please please please try to wait it out for a little while longer...your body and your baby will know when it is time!  Good luck with everything!
  • see my birth story a few threads below - Maya Love - the L&D was very successful. If you do not have an pidural I think it lowers your risk of a c=section.
  • I was induced at 38wks, 3days but mostly because I was already 3cm dialated, 90% effaced and at 1 at my 38wk appt. 

    Once I got to the hospital that night (at midnight) we settled into our room and nurses checked me.  I was 4cm dialated 100% effaced.  I had not had the first contraction, cramp, or any sign of discomfort.  This is why my dr wanted me to be induced.  We live a good 45mins away from the hospital and if my water was to break at home he was worried I wouldnt make it in time. 

    So, at 1am they inserted the cervidil (sp) and hooked me up to all the monitors, started an IV etc.  I slept from then until 4am when my dr came in.  He checked and I was 5cm 100% effaced and at -1.  (babys head was really really low)

    He broke my water at 4am on the dot and said he would come back in a few hours to see how things were going.  Depending on how it went he would start pitocin.  He had just walked out and my contractions started.  It felt like mild menstral cramps.  Not painful at all.  Dh wanted to at least let him know my contractions had started.  Dr was confused that I had no contractions at 5cm, 100% effacement.  (1st time mom as well) 

    When he came back he suggested getting my Epidural because they were next door and I needed to be able to rest.  If I didnt I would be up with painful contractions.  I agreed (im no fan of pain, no matter how small)

    By 4:20 I had my epi and he was there the entire time holding my hand while dh held my other.  (i pink puffy heart my dr, and dh)  He checked me again and I was 10cm!  I was ready to push!  I went from 5-10 in about 15mins!    He ran out to go get changed and I sat there (yup, sittin up like nothing was going on)  and the nurses were scrambling around getting the warming table out, his table with all the "tools" on it etc.  He came back in with just a scrub shirt on over his reg. clothes.  He did have a hat and face thing on.  He told me to push on my 4th contraction that I had to see how I would do.  When I did L's head crowned.  I pushed 2 more times and he was born.  11mins of pushing all together.  I didnt tear, or have to be cut.  It was super fast. 

    After he was born I was thinking "did I really just do that?"  I was only in active labor (from when water was broke and contractions started until baby was born) for 41mins.  (10mns of that was waiting for them to get ready)

    I do think that you should wait until you get closer to your due date.  Your body may start to progress on its own without having to be induced.  Then you can go in and may just need the cervidil and have your water broke.  Everyone is different though.  Good luck and hang in there.  :) 
  • Why are you being induced? I don't know any doctor that will induce without a medical reason.

    I definitely wouldn't rush it if you don't need it.

    I was induced at 39.5 for GD and had a successful natural birth. 

  • I would also fight the induction if you are still early! I was induced because my water had broke & it was hell on earth! GL to you! I hope you get the option of an epidural if it came to that...I did not!
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  • I was induced 20 days early with my son. I have been diabetic since I was 7 so I was/am high risk. My induction went smoothly and quickly. I had a natural birth and was very happy with the birth. Just trust your doctor and yourself and you'll be okay.

    They don't do inductions for nothing, so obviously her doctor is concerned about something.

  • Not to scare you, but I was induced at 37w due to PIH and it ended in a c-section anyways. It was the worst experience of my life an I was/am traumatized. I plan to schedule a c-section with this one instead of going through pitocin, having my water broke, no food for 30 hrs., an epi that didn't work, etc.
  • Good luck with whatever happens, I am sure your doctor has a good reason to induce. I get induced Wed/Thu due to  being past my due date adn having a big baby.
  • I was induced at 39 weeks because I asked my doctor nicely and he is a merciful man. 

    Induction went perfect.  I got the cervadil about 9 om.  Mild contractions went all night long.  Got the pitocin about 7 am.  By 10 am I wanted to die, but they gave me an epidural instead.  I was at 4 cm at that point, and the nurse broke my water.  I dozed for the next 45 minutes, feeling no pain.  By 11 am I was at 10 cm, and I started pushing...she was born at 11:18 am.

    Good luck!

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