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Hypnobirthing anyone?

I'll probably post this in other places, but I'm interested to hear about people who took hypnobirthing classes and if it helped them.

Re: Hypnobirthing anyone?

  • I didn't take the classes. I read through Mongan's book but I never had time to practice the techniques really. The relaxation on the cd helped a little.
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    My girlfriend did.  She delivered her son after using the techniques and raves about it.  Off the top of my head...she and her dh went to classes weekly for about 6 weeks.  She went into labor at home and using the techniques was able to stay at home and deal with the onset of labor and contractions for about 10 hours.  When she got to the hospital she was at a 7.  He was born within 2 hours of arriving at the hospital.  Everyone was happy and healthy.  He is almost 9 months now.

    Her only regret (maybe that is too strong a word, I just can't think of anything else right now) is that postpartum sex was/is difficult bc she so vividly remembers the feeling of pushing him out.  Hope that wasn't tmi.




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    I'm taking a course right now in hypnobirthing. I don't think you could just read the book and hypnobirth, unless your husband and you were extremely dedicated to practicing. I'm hoping for a VBAC, so it will be helpful in getting me to dilate etc without meds.

  • I just bought the book thinking we'd study and practice on our own (we're not able to make the classes) and am SO annoyed I didn't thumb through it before buying.  All the book tells you are all the great things you'll learn in class. "... and you will learn this technique in  your class, "is on just about every page.

    Okay, I exaggerate a bit...there's a wee bit of useful info, but overall, it was a total waste of money.

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  • My SIL and BIL took classes and read a book- they thought the classes were ok but that the book was better.  She ended up having to have pitocin- her water broke and no contrax- they tried every "natural" thing out there to induce contractions.  She a 32 hour labor and the Hypno techniques helped, but she was very disappointed that they only told her to "think positive", which was extremely hard when she couldn't have the water birth she dreamed of b/c of the Pit.  She feels let down by the process b/c she didn't mentally prepare for a worst-case scenario- she felt that the Hypnobirthing instructor and book painted a rosy picture and that wasn't how it went for her.

    She didn't have pain meds though!

  • We are just now taking the classes (4 done and 2 left).  I have found a lot of useful information in the classes so far.  I was terrified beyond all reason of giving birth and now I feel a whole lot better about the whole process.  I am still nervous but no longer dread it like I once did.  I have a much more positive vision about how my son's birth can turn out. 

    There is a lot of work to this class and I would not want to try learning this from a book alone.  I can say that I have struggled a lot with nausea during this pregnancy and apply the hynobirthing philosophies to that has been really helpful.  I was very skeptical but have been pleasantly surprised.  I also have discovered that when I practice my hypnobirthing before bed I sleep much better. 

  • We are taking the class now and I find it to be very helpful in relaxing.  I don't want to get myself into any false sense of having a "perfect" birth. But, I agree with an earlier poster that when I do the relaxation technique before going to bed, I sleep MUCH better.  I hope the class at least allows me to focus during labor and I do believe the class has helped ease my previous fears about labor.
  • I wish I had taken a hipnobirthing class. I met a woman at my OB the other day that raved about it. I think for my next child I will try it. I doubt I can learn it before my induction on wed/thu.
  • We took classes. It was not useful.
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