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Intestinal pain with diarehea?

Twice in the past two weeks I have had bad intestional pains and diarehea/loose stools off and on for about half a day.  I already take a stool softener with my prenatal vitamin.  Any other tips? I dont know if I should call my doctor, they already told me early on to take Colace. 

Re: Intestinal pain with diarehea?

  • I would mention it to your dr at your next appt. How far along are you? I've had some upset stomach but I think it's due to nerves plus the other day I had a lot of cheese and milk products which does it for me.
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  • I have a stool softener in my prenatal vitamin. If I didn't, I would be constipated all the time! The stool softener DOES give me loose bowels/ diarrhea sometimes. I think maybe you should ask the doc for a prenatal that does NOT have a stool softener. Also, I try to eat a lot of roughage... whole grains, vegetables (salads, and other leafy veggies), it seems to help. And stay away from greasy food, or anything you think you might be allergic to.


    P.S. Don't forget to drink your water! I think I am up to 3 liters a day and I feel like I want to drink more! 

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