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Daycare or Nanny part time?

Hello, I am due in August and I am a freelancer that works from home in Charleston. I am trying to figure out if I should do daycare or hire a nanny/babysitter for 3 days a week. Does anyone know the costs of either in this area? I am originally from Boston so my ideas of costs are probably WAY higher than down here in Charleston. Any ideas would really help. 

Thank you!  

Re: Daycare or Nanny part time?

  • Not sure where you live (I am downtown) but there are very few daycare that do part time. La Petit in James Island does and I know a friend pays around 88/week for 2 days so may be around 130-150 for 3 days a week. (they may have another location too) You have to set the days to be the same each week.

     That would should be cheaper than a nanny which I think is around $10/hour. I visited 4 other day cares in James Island but they were all full time only.

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  • Most daycares I went to you paid for the week no matter what.  If you find otherwise great.  But if not I would say nanny.  Especially if you are working from home.  You can dictate everything and not worry about your LO.  GL!

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  • I personally would go with a Nanny part time.  If you go with a daycare you can expect your baby to be sick (and yourself + husband) nonstop for about 6 months.  Daycare has lots of germs.  So most likely you will be spending a lot of time at home anyways with a sick baby.  With a nanny your baby is at home with you so if you wanted to still breast feed you have the ability.  I had both of my kids in daycare when I worked because there were no other options.  My son didnt start daycare until he was 3 months old and got RSV 3 times from daycare.


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