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Saying hello!!

I'm not sure how active this board is but thought I would say hello.  I am just about 7 weeks pregnant with my first and would love to connect with a local group.  I live in Anchorage.


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  • Congratulations!  This board was semi-active for a little bit but it seems to have slowed down some!  I also live in Anchorage.  I am 33 weeks pregnant!
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  • Hi Jamijoe.  Sorry it took me a while to respond.  I get on this website a few times per week.  Congrats to you!!!  You have neared the coundown.  Is this your first little one?  Who is you doctor?  I have my first prenatal appt tomorrow.  It is with Joy Zimmerman.  She is my fertility specialist.  I conceived through IVF.  Quite a journey.  I will continue to see her every other visit.  The other visit will be with my OB/GYN.  She recommended someone that is the across the hall from her at Alaska Regional.  I'm blanking on the name right now. 
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  • HI!  This is our first one!  We are having a little boy (Michael Alan).  My doctor is Dr. Craig Hinkle and the pediatrician is Dr. Karaganis with Polar Pediatrics.  I absolutely ADORE my doctor!  He is completely amazing!  
  • Hi I am lurking here.  DH and I are TTC, on cycle 9 currently.  We also live in Anchorage.

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  • I'm from Fairbanks... honestly I'd love to see more activity.
  • Hi!

     I'm from Eagle River... I'll be 35 weeks Monday. I can't wait to be done!! We're having a boy (our first) and his name is Sawyer Dean!!

    I go to Anchorage Women's Clinic and have had an okay experience... not that great. I'm thinking for baby #2 I'm going to find another doctor. Any great reccommendations??


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  • I LOVE my doctor (Dr. Craig Hinkle) with Alaska's Women's Health.  He has been completely amazing!  You and are at the same time in our pregnancy!  
  • I've heard his name before... Is he the only doctor at that practice?

    My issue is Anchorage Women's Clinic is that it's so big. I LOVE my midwife, but there's something like seven different people who could be the one who's there on the actual day. Some of the doctor's I've met I really don't like either. Frustrating.

    I guess I'll worry about finishing this pregnancy before planning the next. Lol.

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  • Nope he is not the only doctor in the practice.  He is in the Providence office with one other doctor and a midwife.  They do have the bigger office over on Lake Otis but I never see any of those people.  When I go in for my five million doctors appointments I almost always see Hinkle.  Everyone in the office is amazing...including the office staff and the nurses....I even like the guy who takes my blood (and yes I still cry with shots!).
  • Hey all... I am in Anchorage as well and go to Anchorage Womens Clinic. 
  • Who's your doctor at AWC? I LOVE my midwife, but most of the doctor's I've met I haven't felt very comfortable or trusting of. I've decided I can only have my little guy during the week and during the day when she's on call... lol. We will see how that works out!
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  • I have Dr. Johnson and love her.  I had a different Dr. at first and she irritated the heck out of me.  This is my third pregnancy and I didn't need a Dr. that would tell me if I didn't get this or that blood work done I wouldn't know about certain defects and wouldn't be able to abort (SO NOT AN OPTION!)  Plus I traveled a lot in this pregnancy and every time I saw a different Dr. and they saw the notes in my file, they would freak out.   HTH  and happy 9!
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