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I was wondering if you guys ever plan any get togethers to share experiences. I am a first-time mom and this is a totally new experience for me, especially since I have always been very involved with my job, and will go back to work fairly quickly. Also, my partner and I both don't have family in the area, so we are kind of on our own. I would love to meet other women or couples that are in a similar situation and would like to chat or meet.


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  • Hi Marion,

    I'm a first time Mom as well and in the same boat as you and your husband.  I went to a prenatal yoga class today.  It was awesome and gave me an opportunity to meet other pregnant women in my area.  Birthing classes are also great way to meet others, course that's a little bit further down the line. :)  You can check meetup.com to see if there is any local get togethers or start one.  I know there are a bunch of Mommy meetups I've seen some even say they are open for pregnant mothers.

    Hope this helps.  I wish the LA board was a little more local.  I'm in Thousand Oaks which is quite a distance from LA, so it would be more difficult to find people in my area I think.  If you're close to me or want a pen pal e-mail me at: [email protected]


  • Hi guys! 

    Same situation kind of.....Anyone near Sherman Oaks? 


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  • I'm in Simi,,, maybe we need mini-meet-ups?

    Conejo/Ventura County?

    or maybe Conejo/VC/West Valley?

    That is a large area.... yikes. 

    I'm open to ideas. Drinks

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