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Groin pain while running

I have been running since 2002. With my first pg, I was put on modified bedrest at 26w because DD was IUGR, so I didn't run with her after I was 26w.  So now I am almost 30w pg and when I run I have started to develop groin pain afterwards.  I am currently running 3 miles at a time (12-15 mpw).  Has anyone had experience with this?  I have an OB appt. on Thursday so I plan to talk to my doc about it then.  TIA!

Re: Groin pain while running

  • Totally normal.  The round ligaments connect down there, and they're like a suspension system having to support heavier cargo.  I have some days that are better than others.  I've been doing prenatal yoga, and the child's pose has been my lifesaver for "groin issues."  
  • Unfortunately normal.... at least I think! I was able to manage the groin pain a lot better once I got a support belt for running. I still had to stop at 31 weeks d/t contrax while running, but the belt made my groin feel MUCH better. I got the Gabrialla support belt. GL!
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  • I have been having Groin pain after running since about 13 weeks... somedays it's much worse than others, when it's really bad I just take a day off and it seems to not be as bad when i start back up.  I had the same thing just walking with my first... when I asked my doctor the first time around she was the least bit concerned, so I just learned how to deal with the pains and still keep my work-outs going as long as I can... Good luck!!
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