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Shower for 2nd Baby??

I have just been asked to help throw a shower for a friend that is having her 2nd baby.  I helped throw the 1st but always thought that it was tacky to do a shower for the 2nd kid...Help!!

Re: Shower for 2nd Baby??

  • You're right, it's very tacky.

    Worse, though, is telling someone "Wow, I'm not going to participate in something so rude."

    Just say you're very happy for "Jennifer" and can't wait to meet the new baby, and you won't be available for a shower.

    Or, if you wish, say you'd love to co-host a NO GIFTS tea or luncheon.  That's a perfectly acceptable, lovely way to spend some time together without being so tacky as to have a shower for a second-time Mom.

  • I agree with RoxyLynn.  Where I'm from, showers simply aren't done for second (and subsequent) children.  You only become a mother once, with the first, and that's what a shower celebrates...babies themselves are celebrated with christenings/baptisms/namings/meet the baby parties.

    I'd simply decline by saying you aren't available to help with the shower.  Or, you could suggest a no gifts luncheon (although saying no gifts on the invitation is, itself, a violation of etiquette).

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  • I think it's rude too! I have a friend who is on her 3rd and just told me the other day that she's having yet ANOTHER freaking rude, juuuust sayin. lol
  • Unless there are mitigating circumstances (like the poster above who is having a first child with her husband) I think it's rude to have an all-out shower for a 2nd baby.  I have nothing against "sprinkles" where you just get diapers or similar small gifts - every baby is worth celebrating as long as it isn't a gift grab. 
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