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Needing your opinions

I am pregnant with my second daughter.  My first daughter came from a previous relationship in which I had left the father shortly after finding out I was pregnant.  My husband (who has recently adopted my daughter, since her biological father terminated his rights) and I started dating in my 4th month of pregnancy and the only person from his family that was invited to my shower was his mom, because we really hadn't been together for very long. 

Anyway, now we are married and are expecting our daughter together.  My good friend wants to throw me a shower because she didn't know me while I was pregnant with my first, and also because she feels that since my husband's family wasn't at my first shower, they should be included.  However I always feel like showers for 2nd babies are kind of silly.  I don't really need anything other than diapers and wipes, and my friend thought about having a diaper shower for me in which guests can bring diapers and wipes for the baby. 

What does everyone think of this?  Or do you think I should forgo the whole shower thing completely?  We thought about calling it a "Celebrating Pregnancy" party but she wants to put something at the bottom like, "Bring a package of diapers and be entered into the drawing!"

Please be honest (nicely!!!  I am pregnant and cry easily!) and tell me what you think.  Thanks in advance to all suggestions.

Re: Needing your opinions

  • How about a Sip n' See? It's similar to a shower, a little more toned down, and comes once the baby has arrived.
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  • It's inappropriate to have a shower for a second-time Mom regardless of the circumstances - and raffles are for nonprofit fundraisers.  You can absolutely have some sort of no-gifts celebration, though!  Perhaps your friend would be willing to host a no-gifts tea in your honor, or a "meet the baby" party sometime after the birth.

  • I SAY GO FOR IT! I had actually never heard of it being rude to have more than one shower until I logged on to this site. I would say just dont put registry info or any reference to gifts. My friend had her third child two months ago. A month before her due date I gave her a third shower and called it a Pamper Party. We all brought pampers and had mani/pedi's. It was wonderful and noone thought it was inappropriate.

  • I can see how some people have negative feelings toward showers for second and third babies, but personally I think each baby is worth celebrating in one way or another.  I like mochamomma's idea.  I think it's a good middle-of-the-road way to handle it.  But don't be surprised if some people bring gifts anyway.  I would just not open them during the party as to not make the guests who didn't bring gifts feel uncomfortable. 
  • we are throwing my sil a baby shower. Its her 2nd but my brother's 1st baby. They don't have anything b/c her son is 7. So my side of the familyl feels the need to have a shower. We don't really care what other people think of it and everyone who's invited has the option not to come!
    I do like the pamper party idea too...thats a cute idea!

  • i think you should have a shower! maybe call it a "spinkle" but i don't think its bad taste to have a 2nd one plus everyone loves babies and pregnant women.... its such a positive fun event in life, take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate with friends and fam!
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  • Go for it, back in the old days you only had a shower for your first baby but this is a different time.  If your babies were back to back I could see why this would be considered rude or what not because you pretty much have everything (or most people think you should or do).

    I agree that each baby should be celebrated.


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