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Thank you gifts for shower hosts

Hi, Ladies~

My Mom and MIL are each hosting a shower for us and I was looking for some cute "thank you gift" ideas for them---what have you done/will do/seen someone do???


Re: Thank you gifts for shower hosts

  • a friend of mine makes soy candles & oils. i am going to order some gift baskets from her, and make sure i get each host her favorite scent. :)

    otherwise i was thinking of a gift card or a nice frame.
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  • When my friend hosted a shower for me I sent flowers to her office.
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  • I just had a shower this weekend and I had 3 hostesses. For one I got a bottle of wine, another a gift certificate to a quilting shop she loves and then for my really good friend (the other two were mom's friends) I got a gift certficate online at  It allows the person to use the card at any spa that participates and on the website you can do a look up by zip code to see what spa's in the area participate.
  • I was considering getting GC's for a massage or a mani/pedi in the area for my hostess.
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