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Need Shower Location Ideas!!

What are the rest of you doing for your shower? I would like to have a luncheon but want to keep it rather inexpensive....
Do you have it at a restaurant and invite people and they pay their way or host it in a banquet room (spendy??) or "ask" one of the parents/grandparents to host it?

My home is not really an option at this point....

Re: Need Shower Location Ideas!!

  • Oh and there are about 30 invites.....
  • You don't ask anyone to host a shower for you.  If someone offers you can graciously accept, but you can never plan your own or ask someone to host.
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  • This is really your mother's decision, if she's actually hosting.  And of course she will know that it is NEVER acceptable to invite people to pay their own way.
  • Roxy - not trying to be a biatch but do you have any suggestions other than picking on me for what I shouldn't be doing or asking? That is why I created this post - for suggestions.
  • I'm suggesting that you not piss people off by hosting your own shower, charging them for their food, or telling the host what to do.  This really isn't your problem, it's all up to whomever is hosting.
  • You can have an inexpensive shower.  Have your mom to make the cake and other foods.  Create and inexpensive punch.  Just keep it simple with cake, punch, chips, some nuts and mints.  That's it!  You don't have to have a big meal at your shower.  Just plan the shower from like 2-4 in the afternoon.  That is not a meal time, so no one will be expecting a meal.  Just a nice cake and punch shower.  Perfectly acceptable. 

    I agree with the other poster, please do not have a shower and ask your guest to pay for a meal.   Have your mom contact your local town to rent a room at one of the civic complexes or a room a your church.  They are usually very reasonable.   Your mom is on a tight budget you know this ahead of time, so plan accordingly. 
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  • well, usually someone offers to host the shower, and if they don't have a large enough house or something, you can look into other options, such as:

    a church
    a hotel meeting room
    outdoors at a park if it's nice out
    a restaurant
    an apartment clubhouse

    hth. ;)

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  • Thank you to the last 2 mom is hosting the shower and needed some ideas and I thought telling her "figure it out" would be a little b!tchy....

    I will give her these suggestions!
  • Mine is going to be at one of the YWCA's near us.  My church wanted $500 to let us rent a room for 3 hours, but we found out we can rent a room at the Y for $15 an hour.  The room we're getting has a kitchen area and a private bathroom, and the Y staff will set us up with tables/chairs etc so we don't have to bring in anything.

    I guess if you live in a major city the churches tend to be expensive, but I'd check if there's a Y or other type of community center, like a JCC, near you.  I think they're almost always less expensive than churches (unless your church rules and lets you reserve a space for free).  Like I said, our Y rents rooms for $15/hour so it's worth looking into!

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