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need invite wording help for non-hosted shower

Well, what you're talking about isn't a shower, since guests would NEVER pay for their meal at a shower.  Basically, you're asking for a polite way to do a rude thing and there just isn't one.

Re: need invite wording help for non-hosted shower

  • If I received an actual formal baby shower invitation, I would assume that the meal was being provided/hosted.  Not sure of a good way to word it.  But you know your family/group best, so it's up to you!  Maybe you should do it more informal like your shower and just do phone calls?
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  • If they are all family members and close friends they shouldn't care about paying for thier meal.  I would send out the invites with the regular wording for a luncheon and then let them all know via phone or throw a piece of paper in there with the map to the restaraunt on it with wording of how much the meals are like "lunch menu is priced from from X to X"  It's just lunch, it's not like it's a four course meal you are asking them to pay for.  I wouldn't be offended.
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