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Round ligament pain?

I have this horrible shooting pain in my hip and none of my doc's recs seem to be helping it.  I took Tylenol, laid down with a pillow and it is still awful, has been since Friday.

Anyone have this?  Any remedies?


Finley Anne ~ 11.9.2008
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Re: Round ligament pain?

  • Oh the joys of child birth ;)

    There really isn't much you can do or at least I could never find anything.  It is just that little girl getting comfy in your belly. 

  • I went to my chiro and they adjusted me and did ultrasound therapy on my pack.  DD was on a nerve and it was SO painful.  I hope this helps!
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  • I had this for about 1.5 months until I went to a fantastic chiropractor and he popped the nerve back into place. Let me know if you want his info. I'd have to call my OB, but she'll def have his name. He is with Kelsey Seybold. 


    BTW, that pain is why I used the pregnant parking spaces ;-) I could not walk for anything. It hurt like hell.

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  • i didn't learn about the chiro. trick until after i gave birth, but i now have a great chiro. who specializes in maternity as well... dr. caroline long at:

  • I also went to Dr. caroline long at west u wellness. She's so nice.
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