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Did you leave your bumper in? Take it out, get a breathable one...?   Grant is moving all over the place in his crib, and I was thinking to either remove or get a breathable one. TIA

Re: Bumpers?

  • We never used the bumper (it's still in the package).  Now that DD's standing she's get all wrapped up in it.  She would have while she was rolling too.  It's probably time to take it out.
  • I left them in until she started to stand on them. Reagan moved around a ton and smacked her head on the slates all the time. I didn't feel like the breathable one I saw at BRU would have any padding.

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  • We took it out around 4 months and put it back in around 6 months. 
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  • Hi Erika! Hope you are doing well.

    We took the bumper out as well once David started moving everywhere.
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  • We still have the bumper in Morgan's crib and she's 8 months old! She moves a ton at night and I didn't want her hitting her head on the slats of the crib.
  • We left the bumper in until he started climbing on it. I figured if he was mobile enough to work his face into, he's mobile enough to turn his head to be able to breath.
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