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question re: car seats...

Ok. The babysitter that my son goes to sometimes takes him to the school to pick up her kiddos (high school). She has 4 carseats in her car already, but sometimes that's not enough. I have been taking mine out of my car every time i drop him off (1 maybe 2 times a week!!)

I keep talking about buying another one just for her car. However, the "frugal" part of me does not want to sink in a whole lot of money for a 5-10 minute trip, you know?

My point- I am thinking of going get a good, cheaper car seat for her car... to leave it in there.

Is that bad of me?

It's not like the more expensive, the more safe it is... it's comfort and looks. I feel bad, but I just can't justify 100-200 dollars for 5 minutes.

Plus- her daughter is about to start driving herself so I don't even know how much he'll use it after that.

Re: question re: car seats...

  • I don't think it would be bad at all to buy a good, safe, but cheaper car seat. We have to leave a car seat for Orion at daycare. She takes the kids swimming and to the park in the summers. We bought a fisher price voyager for that purpose. It's made by Britax but much cheaper because it does not have all the frills. I just couldn't bring myself to spend another $200+ for her to have an occasional use car seat.
  • Big Lots has decent and super affordable car seats. Might be worth a look.
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  • Baby Bargain says price does not equate to safety but its more the padding, fabric and frills.  I just bought a Cosco Scenera for grandmas house in NY because I was planning to travel alone with Kian and didn't want to lug one more thing.  I figured it would last him from now through teh booster seat years so it was worth the $100 for the convenience.
  • I don't think it's a bad thing, as long as cheap doesn't equal poorly made or unsafe. We purchased  the Cosco Scenara for about $60 for DS' sitter and we weren't really satisfied with it. I second Big Lots for bargain priced carseats.

  • https://babycheapskate.blogspot.com just did an review on the best convertible car seats under $100.  They recommended the Safety 1st Avenue (best price of $72 at K-mart) and the Cosco Scenera (best price of $50 at Wal-mart and $45 at albeebaby.com).
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