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When did

your baby's eyes and hair color change?  Or did they?

Re: When did

  • My DS had very blue eyes until he was a little over a year.  Now they are darker and more hazel.  His baby hair was dark and fell out when it came back it was blonde.
    Kelly, Mom to Noah 8.27.05 (born at 26 weeks)
  • Joshua's eyes were blue until he was one and his hair fell out sometime before 6 month
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  • Orion's eyes never changed. Looks like he'll be blue forever. His dark hair fell out around 2-3 months and grew in blond starting at 5 months.
  • Lauren's eyes and hair haven't changed and she's 2.5, Morgan's haven't either and she's 8 months old.
  • Sarah's eyes have always been blue and her hair was always light.  E.'s eyes haven't changed yet either....at 7 months they're still blue.


  • Luca's eyes are still blue at almost 8 months...  His hair was really dark..  It fell out and came back lighter at about 3 months...
  • Jackson's eyes are still bright blue and he still has blond hair.  Some of it fell out around 3 months but it never changed color.
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  • Joe's eyes are still navy blue. His hair was VERY dark when he was born. It never fell out, but started lightening up alot the more he went into the sun. He is a dark blonde now.
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  • Connor was blond haired and blue eyed from the beginning. His eyes had more gray in them as a newborn, and slowly turned a brighter blue. Hair was very light blonde until about 8 months, then turned a little darker and has stayed that way.
  • Char's eyes are very blue and will 99% stay that way because DH and I are both blue eyed, both of my parents are blue eyed, and his mom is blue/green (his dad is the only brown eyed family member). Her hair was darker when she was born (although she was still mostly bald), and it's gotten blonder. I think she'll be a strawberry blond. But, as you can see in my sig pic, she barely has any hair - it's just cute peach fuzz :)
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  • Kohen was born with very little hair and blue eyes.  By 3 months he had brown hair and brown eyes.

    Kamryn is sitll changing at 9 months.  Her hair is light brown and her eyes are still a hazel.

  • Eyes, still blue.
    Hair, lightened as it grew in. He actually had a big chunk of hair that looked like it was left over from a different dye job until he got his first hair cut. Flock of Seagulls hair do.
  • Turtle still has blue eyes. From what I have read, you can't be 100% sure of the color until after 2 years. With his 2nd birthday 4 mos away, I am thinking "blue" for the long term.

    He was born with medium brown hair and not very much of it. Eventualyl what little he had fell out (by 3 mos) and has been growing in blonde ever since. He will probably be like my husband and be blond until around 8-9 years old.

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