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toddler issues- uncooperative with diaper changes & getting dressed!!

uncooperative is definitely an understatement. truitt has a wall-eyed fit everytime i try to get him dressed, undressed or change his diaper. he rolls over, runs away, hits, screams. it seems there is no stopping it and no end in sight. this has been going on for months now and both DH and I are at the end of our ropes... any words of wisdom?

Re: toddler issues- uncooperative with diaper changes & getting dressed!!

  • We go through this sometimes, though it doesn't seems to be as bad your situation. What we've found that helps is to give plenty of warning. I'll say, "Orion, do you want a diaper change?". Sometimes he'll say yes and run down the hall to the changing place and sometimes he'll get upset and whine and hide from us. When he gets upset I wait a minute and then bring it up again. Sometimes I have to bring it up 10+ times. Those times he's being difficult I try to get him involved. We'll tell him to go get the diapers for us. I let him pull the wipes out of the box himself. We try and keep a happy excited voice and make it seem like it's a fun thing. I tell him he can bring whatever toy he's engaged with with him. We also let him throw out the diaper afterwards. He loves running to the trash can with the dirty diaper and we give him high fives when he's disposed of it. And when none of that works I hold him down with one arm and let him know he's getting changed no matter what. As far as changing clothes I found that now that he's older he prefers to get dressed standing up. I'll have him help me by raising his arms to get his shirt off and he likes to step into the pants himself.
  • I'm not sure if this will help because he is a little guy. I read once if you act like you are not sure what you are doing and ask him to help you, such as I'm not sure how to put this shirt on can you show me? Try to put his pants on his head silly stuff like that. They may take it as a game and want to play along. I hope that it gets better for you, I know it can be hard! 
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  • I let Joshua pick out what he wears and it makes getting him dressed easier.  A friend of mine lets her little boy pick what he puts on first. 
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  • We have a similar situation to savannah and similar way of dealing (having him get the diaper, etc).  What also works sometimes for us is talking about what we'll get to do afterward - like go see friends, get his after lunch "treat" (animal cookie), go upstairs and play trains.... I guess it's a little bribe.  But sometimes we do just have to hold him down screaming. :(  On the clothes - this has only happened to us twice luckily (so far), and I just gave him another outfit choice and explained that he had to have clothes on to go see our friends.

  • We have had some success with a new system (started by school, adopted by us).

    We take him to the "potty." This means we do all diaper changes in a bathroom now on the bathmat. The routine seems to break him away from other distractions and reduce squirming.

    Then, we play a game -- where's your hair; where's your nose; where are your eyes; where are your ears; where is your chin -- all parts above the shoulders. This keeps hands from going into pooville.

    It is getting more challenging, but the routine and the game are combating some issues.

    For getting dressed and any other fit-producing task, we have started a prep phase. "It is almost time to get dressed, Lucas." "It is almost time to go potty, you have poopies."

    We say what we're going to do, repeat twice, then tell him its time and go. Reduces (does not eliminate) fits.
  • We are there too :(  Getting dressed isn't so bad, although I do have to chase him but he doesn't struggle as hard and I can deal with those issues.  The diaper changing is a different story.  He'll say "do-do" and grab his crotch but as soon as he sees me get up to get a diaper (I have to keep them at higher ground or else there will be diapers scattered throughout the house) he runs away and crawls under tables, computer desks, chairs, anywhere he can. Sometimes the dog will come over and Gideon will play with the dog's tag, sometimes I'll give him a toy, sometimes I'll let him take the wipes out, and if nothing else works, I growl.  Yeah....."grrrr, grrr", I guess I look like such a freak growling that it distracts him long enough to get the job done....lol. 
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