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Sadie's birth story: Induction turned c-section.

Here goes:

My EDD came and went with no signs that my body was making any progress.  At my 41 week appointment, my doctor said we should induce as soon as I was ready.  We chose Thursday, November 4th and checked into the hospital around 9:00 PM.  Once I was settled, the nurses and doctor came in and discussed the process.  I was not dilated or effaced at all and DD hadn't dropped at all.  They gave me a low drip of Pitocin and put a Foley catheter in to help me dilate and told me that it needed to be in for 12 hours.  The catheter sucked.  It felt so bizarre and going to the bathroom was a huge pain.

The Pitocin kicked in almost immediately and was as bad as everyone says.  I immediately started experiencing mind numbing contractions one right on top of another.  I made it until about 4:00 in the morning and then asked for the epi which was heaven.  I had a wonderful anesthesiologist and didn't feel a thing.

They checked my cervix at around 11AM the next morning and I'd dilated to 3 and about 50% effaced, which was good news.  They said they'd keep the catheter in for a bit longer to see if I kept dilating and they broke my water. To make a long story short, the furthest I got along was to 4 and everything ground to a halt.  Around 4:00 PM they lost DD's heartbeat for an extended period of time and the doctor rushed in to put in the internal heart monitor.  All of the sudden they switched off the Pitocin and I knew what was coming.

The doc stated the obvious, which was that I wasn't progressing and she wasn't dropping.  They were concerned about her HB because it was becoming somewhat erratic.  All things considered, he wanted to get her out immediately via c-section.

I didn't react very well because I was so tired and so so scared.  I shooed everyone but DH and my mom out of the room and just cried and cried.  They consoled me and gave me pep talks and finally I was ready. The anesthesiologist came back in and saw that I was totally freaked out.  He was so understanding and listened to my concerns and promised me he'd make me totally numb and comfortable.  (Bless his heart, I think he gave me enough medicine to tranquilize a rhino.) 

Went into surgery that evening and our sweet Sadie was born at 5:57 the evening of November 5th.  Once they cut into me they discovered many reasons that a vaginal birth wasn't happening:

1. She was face down and stuck

2. Placenta was partially blocking the cervix

3. She was 10 lbs 1 oz!

She came out very banged up, her poor little eye was swollen shut because her little face had been banging into my pelvis the whole time.  They swelling went down withing the day though and she is absolutely perfect.  My recovery was easy and my scar is healing amazingly well. 

I wasn't planning or expecting a c/s but it really was the best option and all that matters is that my sweet girl made it into the world safely.

Sadie is not impressed.
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Re: Sadie's birth story: Induction turned c-section.

  • Congratulations on such a beautiful, healthy baby!

    I'm just a little surprised that your doctor was completely ignorant that your placenta was partially blocking your cervix or that your baby weighed ten pounds. :-( I guess modern medicine still has a long way to go.

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  • congrats on your beautiful little girl! :)
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