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Cloth Diaper Service around Raleigh

Hi Ladies,

So we're thinking about going the cloth diapering route, and I'm wondering if there are any services in or around Raleigh. We know about the Diapering Doula, but wanted to see if you guys were aware of any others. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cloth Diaper Service around Raleigh

  • I just started looking into this, but I've only heard of the Diapering Doula.  I'm sure others have to exist though :)
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  • I haven't run into anyone on this board who uses a diaper service.  I think most, if not all, that CD (including me) wash them at home.  It's really easy to do and doesn't involve you getting "dirty" from the diapers.  It's no different than washing a child's pooped stained clothes if they have a blowout while wearing a disposable diaper -- you just have to use different settings when washing cloth diapers.

    Good luck!  I've used them for both my girls since birth and am glad we chose to use CDs.

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  • Ladies, Thanks. We did actually locate a second service which covers Raleigh. Their name is Baby Diaper Service of NC. They are about 40% less that the Diapering Doula, and they have alot more service options, which I like. They actually allow you to choose how many diapers a week you want, in groups of 10, so you actually get away paying alot less. And I do understand that cleaning the inserts is extremly easy, we're just both very time constrained, and I think using the service will free us up a bit. And for us, its certainly a minimal price for not having to worry about cleaning out and washing cloth diapers every day. Thanks for all your help, and any additional suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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